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Hot Toddy

Sorry Roddy.

I understand it’s getting a bit cold in the homestead (22C here today☀️), but the half hour plus interview with Charlton’s new Technical Director will warm your soul, just like Olly’s with Steve Gallen did last week. The interview with Ged Roddy is below.

Roddy comes across as insightful, informed, passionate and warm. Another big sign that the club under Thomas Sandgaard’s leadership is shaking the shit of it’s proverbial shoe left by the previous crooks and knuckleheads.

And what fun Thomas had this morning as he put one of the legendary Range Rovers up for raffle to be won by fans. No sign of the “bread and the bitches” just the £90,000 runaround.

The car has lawyer Lauren Kreamer sat at the wheel in superb shithousery.

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  1. laurie carter (acib) #

    congratulations to the new technical director. we have needed some visionary for some time
    areas to be looked at advertising for example i fly into city airport and the valley can be easily seen when planes land but no name is shown on the main stand that iit is charlton athletic. Ransom walk opposite the club shop goes under the railway made famous by arthur askey stopping the train to watch the match – opens at its entrance to the main lower charlton road wouldnt be good to persuade the council that a sign across the 10ft entrance saying it leads to charlton athletic thousands travel that route daily
    i bought a current season ticket in july but to date i have no idea when i will receive it or whether there are any benefits with it due to no home matches being played similarly the last ones in the 2019/20 season. i am a strong supporter of many years standing but i hate to think what any new ones feel when they dont get any feed back.

    November 18, 2020
  2. LP #

    In response to Laurie – all you have to do is contact the ticket office – they are extremely helpful whenever I’ve spoken to them.
    And CA – the Range Rover – I haven’t laughed so much in ages. And how delicious is it that it belonged to Farnell. I think Sir Chris may have a serious contender for my affections.

    November 19, 2020

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