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What a joke

Today’s game at Peterborough has been called off just over an hour before kick-off with almost a couple of thousand Charlton fans almost certainly already in the town or close by.

Those Addicks travelled in the knowledge that the home side were positive the game would go ahead that there was no need to inspect the pitch last night or early this morning. Posh waited until the arrival of the match officials to make the first and only inspection at 1.30pm, and after a serious of conversations the decision was made to the call the game off due to a frozen pitch with the clock ticking around to 2pm.

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Manchester United 3 Charlton Athletic 0

Very proud of the team and the fans this morning. I hope everyone gets back safely and the smiles stay on faces for a while.

It was testament to how well we were playing that Erik ten Hag felt the need to bring on Marcus Rashford, Christian Eriksen and Casemiro at 60 minutes. In return we brought on Eoghan O’Connell, Aaron Henry and Jack Payne.

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Red army

The last I saw was that we have now sold 8,700 tickets for Old Trafford Tuesday night. A quite incredible number, which even if boosted by mates and randoms still proves that the groundswell of support for a football club in our little corner of London is still there.

A supporter base that is generally dispirited, tired and fed up, but nothing a little bit of success (and a get-behind ownership) wouldn’t help rekindle.

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Happy New Year

As I sit here drinking coffee at my kitchen counter in Sarasota tired from overdoing it on New Year’s Eve Eve, I am pretty pleased to put 2022 in the books.

Normality returned to life as we knew it in 2022 after two pandemic impacted years allowing us to remember again how to do the simple things we took for granted.

I often had to remind those around me, and myself that in times of hassle and intensity, that it was these moments that we’d missed. I love being busy and slightly living on the edge of unorganized and spontaneous, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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30 year old memories

Happy 30th anniversary Back to The Valley Day.

We’ll ignore how the team did their very best to bury any memories of a wonderful time in our history on Saturday. A penny for the thoughts of those real Charlton legends including the peerless Roger and Heather Alwen who had to sit through that tosh.

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Stevenage 1 Charlton Athletic 1 (Charlton win 5-4 on pens)

I know little or nothing of last night’s dramatic cup victory as I have spent the entire week moving around Nevada and California.

During yesterday’s game I was in the Californian desert at a gigantic casino in meetings trying to grab quick looks at my phone for updates from Hertfordshire.

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Tails are up in spite of Sandgaard

I’m still pumped after Saturday. Very memorable day, even for those who attended but were on their way to their cars when Dobbo looped that header in.

Sunday’s Charlton Live is well worth a listen this week, as is the podcast Not The Top 20, who spend plenty of time in homage to the game.

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Accrington Stanley 2 Charlton Athletic 2

First games are always difficult to judge, but judge them we do. There were definitely passages of play, Fraser’s goal as an example, where evidence of an identity that Ben Garner is trying to instill were there to see.

There was also some initial concerns, some which had already been pinpointed when studying Swindon from last season. This team as it stands is going to concede goals, and I honestly can’t see us scoring enough to counter that each week.

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On our way

Before the fixtures came out my brother, son and a couple of mates vowed to all get together for the opening game of the season. Rain or shine, home or away.

Other than the coastal towns of Fleetwood and Morecambe, we couldn’t have been drawn further away, and then the bloody trains decided to go on strike.

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Fill The Valley

Slightly bemused by today’s match day price tickets announcement. Between £29 to £34 per home game for a seat in the majority of the stadium on the back of a horribly rising cost of living. Not to mention petrol prices and increasing interest rates. Do I need to go on. £34 for League One football? Where is Thomas getting his advice from?

All this on the back of the disastrous efforts to fill the 18,000 or so empty seats last season. No bad idea filling The Valley but a) make it a worthwhile product and 2) have a knowledge based marketing strategy and 3) price it accordingly.

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More back room staff leave

And by all accounts not of their own making. COO Brian Jokat, appointed by Thomas Sandgaard fell on his sword last week because he didn’t play well with interference from Raelynn Sandgaard, allegedly.

Raelynn seems to be ‘lady’ with no portfolio at the club and I’m intrigued seeing her influence grow. Today other members of the commercial team were made redundant, some employed recently by Jokat, others hired by Sandgaard.

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Ipswich Town 4 Charlton Athletic 0

A dreadful performance to close a dreadful season. It was a fitting end.

Only an injury time Cheltenham goal meant we finished in 13th, the same as Chris Powell’s 2010/11 season ironically with the same points.

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Doncaster Rovers 0 Charlton Athletic 1

We should have won the game by four or five after a dominant first half display but in the end we were clinging on and after recent criticism Craig MacGillivray made a terrific save at the death to secure the 3 points.

Doncaster were poor, but this was a much better and more confident performance from the Addicks led by a fantastic display from CBT who caused all manor of problems. Donny even changed their right wing back at the break to blunt his threat, but CBT roasted him too.

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Cheltenham Town 1 Charlton Athletic 1

When Addicks’ fans invaded the pitch at the Jonny Rocks Stadium after Chuks Aneke scrambled in an undeserved equalizer in the 94th minute it kind of summed up where we now stand as a football club.

Ex-Premier League staple, upper end Championship stadium and by most accord a club too big to be playing in the 3rd tier. Well, I think the more we accept where we are the more of a chance the club has to reset and start again.

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Gateshead 0 Charlton Athletic 2

It was all about the result this. We are not the best at negotiating banana skins, especially when combined with games being shown live on the box.

I didn’t see the game as I was travelling and working but have caught upoin it. Sounded as if the Heed gave us some wobbles at the back, with Stephen Henderson in what was much needed fine form.

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