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Red army

The last I saw was that we have now sold 8,700 tickets for Old Trafford Tuesday night. A quite incredible number, which even if boosted by mates and randoms still proves that the groundswell of support for a football club in our little corner of London is still there.

A supporter base that is generally dispirited, tired and fed up, but nothing a little bit of success (and a get-behind ownership) wouldn’t help rekindle.

Sadly I won’t be one of the Addicks’ thong in Manchester. Ironically I had planned to fly back home on Thursday night and will be at The Valley on Saturday for Barnsley…. lucky me, but despite attempting some work and personal re-shuffling I couldn’t make getting into London any earlier, which realistically with the game Tuesday would’ve have meant flying tonight.

Myself and fellow Bermuda Addicks will watch instead in the pub on Tuesday hoping they will be able to latch onto one of the feeds. Plainly ridiculous how our game is not being shown live, but suspect that will have knocked travelling numbers.

In all honesty I’ve been more gutted about not going as the time has gone on. Nevertheless I am old enough to have seen Charlton play at Old Trafford a fair few times, so I both envy and are chuffed for those younger who have never seen us grace the Theatre of Dreams.

I hope all of those thousands going have a great day and night out. Enjoy the occasion and sing your hearts out. COYR.

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  1. JOHN F GOSS #

    Possibly find out most are Man U supporters snapping up the second ticket sales. So it’s good luck to the Addicks.

    January 9, 2023

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