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Travelling in numbers

Quite mind boggling that tomorrow’s means-nothing mid table third tier clash is sold out.

Almost 1,200 Addicks will travel down to the west country on Good Friday to support Dean Holden’s team, which is a superb effort.

While our numbers don’t reach those of Wednesday, Derby, Ipswich and even Plymouth there hasn’t been as much of all to cheer about on the road. Just six wins and a couple of long runs when we didn’t win for ages.

Our away support this season has been excellent selling out many games as fans somehow habitually stick with it and spend their hard earned money supporting the team which has by many measures been one of our worst season’s most of us can remember.

If anything the numbers have improved as the season has gone on despite some long journeys and regular train strikes.

Dean Holden says all the right things, which can sometimes come across as conceited or manufactured, but Holden is thoughtful and compassionate in his comments. He has definitely rebuilt a bond between staff and players with supporters, which only goes to show what is possible.

We have had some moments with Bristolians over the decades, but to all those Addicks travelling tomorrow thank you and enjoy.

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  1. Paul #

    Came from New York for this one. My wife’s first away match. Hope it’s better than an abject performance she saw at the Valley on a wet and miserable weeknight. Holden has given me hope again!

    April 7, 2023

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