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Barclay and Varney drop out

The Andrew Barclay and Peter Varney takeover of Charlton was always destined to fail. Too good to be true. A progressive young empathetic businessman with plenty of family money combined with, well, simply one of us. Not only an Addick, but a proven leader. I’ve had dreams not as good as that.

Richard Murray has poisoned Roland Duchatelet’s mind towards Peter Varney about absolute claptrap. But the snake Murray got into the Belgian’s head and he was never prepared to speak to Varney or Barclay. Add to that as Barclay said himself, the risks of doing business with ESI are also too great, then today the pair decided to drop out of their bid to buy the club.

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The fight to save our club

Maybe I’ve been locked up indoors too long, but I think the first person I may hug after all this is over is Simon Jordan.

In event times the ex-Palace owner and chairman has stood up for Charlton and it’s supporters more than Richard Murray has done for years. The world has changed, a lot, but who would have thought that in 2006?

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Well, well. Thank you Simon Jordan

Whoever it was that sprayed naughties on the wall of Roland Duchatelet’s property in Stayen, Belgium rattled the old codger. Not for the first time Roland reacted instantly and called into Jim White’s TalkSport programme yesterday and once again came across as a complete buffoon. I will repeat myself for the thousandth time. How this idiot made any money from business is a complete mystery.

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Sense of dread

I woke up uneasy. Feeling a sense of dread and deja vu, or whatever the Flemish equivalent is.

Yesterday was disappointing, very. Blackpool are decent but it was another missed opportunity. No win in four, and a creeping impression that we are suddenly easier to play against and we haven’t any solutions. Or goals.

Three points behind 2nd and four behind 1st as we approached the end of the January transfer window. Since then we have fallen away badly thanks to one man. The richest, most obtuse and neglectful owner in our history.

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Addicks and Blackpool fans join forces

Charlton and our friends from Blackpool joined forces today to protest against not just our irresponsible owners, but the many others, outside the EFL offices in west London today. Meanwhile northern based Addicks and a large contingent of Blackpool fans gathered outside the EFL HQ in Preston and loudly made their presence known.

The protests were heavily picked up by the national media as well as Sky Sports and a large crowd made their feelings loud and clear. Two Addicks got to meet EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey, and after, one of them Alan Davis, said that Harvey confirmed the delay in the ‘Australian takeover’ is not as a result of any lack of process of documentation at the EFL. This the reason that Duchatelet, de Turck and Murray have all publicly stated as the reason any takeover has not yet happened.

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Bowyer made permanent

Roland Duchatelet did the right thing today and made Lee Bowyer permanent first-team manager. Well deserved Lee.

The statement says a few things, possibly. There is a chance that the EFL told RD the club needs some stability and a permanent manager would be a start, but on recent history I’d be surprised that the EFL would be that demanding. It may tell us that the Aussie bid is dead, or not. It is only a 9 month contract after all, and I don’t think the two things are related. Finally it appears Richard Murray still has a tongue.

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Charlton Athletic 0 Peterborough United 1

The misery continued for Addicks tonight. After the Daily Mail carried a story that Roland Duchatelet is refusing to pay a 10% bonus on salaries to certain staff if specific cross-cutting targets, put in place by the Belgian, were met. Those targets driven home by latest puppet Lieven de Turck have been achieved amongst job losses and a hard restructuring of expenditures across the whole club.

These normal hard working people have worked in a rudder-less and depressing environment for a long time, but have had promises broken by a multi-millionaire pocketing any incoming cash he can and notably refusing to give academy players, lauded by him initially, bottled water and taking out paper towels from the dispensers.

Now we know what a c*** Duchatelet is, but.. Richard Murray. Hold your sorry head in shame.

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No end to this nightmare

There were some not pleasant stories coming out of SE7 today. Roland Duchatelet has been at the The Valley this week and Rich Cawley has just confirmed that the Belgium is making plans for the new season as if he is still the owner. His first decision was to offload Ezri Konsa to Brentford yesterday with other cost saving plans to come shortly involving player sales and staff cuts.

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Honestly is there no end to this man’s derangement?

“The fans missed a big chance. I would have been able to bring the club into the Premier League.” (more)

These quotes came from a meeting that Roland Out Today (ROT) had with Duchatelet whilst they were in Sint Truiden recently and bumped into him when they went to RD’s hotel construction site. A full transcript can be found on here.

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It’s the hope that kills you

Struggled today after last night’s disappointment. Hopefully the players are thinking more positively but Sunday is going to need a top Charlton performance, one not just of steely determination and passion, but from somewhere we have to get goals. Pearce’s backside and an Amos big goal kick have provided our only goals in the last 4 games.

On the flip side, it was only a perfect strike from Nolan that broke our defensive stronghold, and Amos again looked confident in goal. We all know what it takes, and I am sure 1,500 noisy Addicks will provide tremendous backing on Sunday afternoon in Shropshire.

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Bowyer and Jacko to stay until end of season

“The club are currently in takeover discussions with two separate parties and while the sale of the club has not been finalised, it has been confirmed that one of the conditions of the sale, agreed by both parties interested in purchasing, will be that Bowyer is kept on as Caretaker Manager, with Johnnie Jackson continuing as his assistant, until the end of the season.” (more)

Great news that allows both Bowyer and the players space and encouragement to continue their recent revival under Bowyer and Jacko and importantly boosts the new wave of energy this past week or so has created amongst the fanbase.

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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

After what has seen like a length of a James Cook expedition the Aussies are apparently finally coming. We have seen plenty of false dawns but word is that next week we may eventually get rid of the Belgian poison and have new owners.

According to the sage Richard Murray there were two bids accepted. One was obviously the Aussies, and the other may have been an Arab consortium, or was it English or was it the Scots, and someone said today there was some American interest. Who the hell knows, except that we finally rid ourselves of Roland Duchatelet.

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CARD: Protests to resume

Following absolute silence on the takeover front on the back of a couple of positive Richard Murray proclamations, that have frankly been pointless. Then with Karl Robinson after the Blackpool game saying that any takeover is nowhere near and it could be next season CARD have called for a day of protests at the Rotherham game on Easter Monday and will follow that up with action at the other 3 home games in April.

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Price agreed. Twice?

Despite snow covering SE7 and it’s surrounds Richard Murray put the sun back in the sky this afternoon when he gave a takeover update to supporters.

“I said in January that negotiations with two parties on the takeover were continuing well and I hoped a deal would be concluded in February of this year. Although the takeover has not yet been completed, the good news is the terms of the deal, including the price, have now been agreed between the parties and we are now just waiting for their respective lawyers to finalise the sale and purchase agreement.”

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Just day’s away

On the heels of Richard Murray giving a takeover update to the Fans Forum last night, Rick Everitt today tweeted just two words “Done Deal.”

Maybe a time to hold one’s breath and wait to see what the next few days bring us as a few last items are finalized, such as the long outstanding directors’ loans.

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