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The CFO next

Rats and ships.

Rick Everitt has heard what I heard yesterday (from a fellow Blogger) that Charlton CFO David Jones has resigned. Possibly he has a job elsewhere lined up, like Meire apparently.

But the clearing of the decks is well underway. Although not impossible but surely unusual that a takeover of a company would happen bereft of an incumbent CEO and CFO, but Duchatelet as we know holds all of the decisions.

Joyes’ term at The Valley predated the Belgians and he was hired by the double act of Tony Jimenez and Michael Slater, whose financial acumen, as we are finding out, extended to a piggy bank and a hammer. From memory Joyes was at Deloitte before Charlton.

COO Tony Keohane remains alongside Richard Murray as Duchatelet negotiates with it is said three interested parties.

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  1. Steve #

    Interesting indeed
    Let’s see what the next weeks/months bring – clearly RD is endeavouring to do whatever deal there is to be done on his terms, not sure how that’ll end
    I hope I’m wrong but don’t have a good vibe about Andrew Muir – like all Addicks I’m despererate for good times ahead but Anyone But Roly may come back to bite us
    I’m imagining a world with KR/JJ/LB shown the door and the worldly wise Harry Kewell ushered in – CAAM? Please no

    December 29, 2017

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