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Made in Charlton

Some good news earlier today as the Charlton’s U18’s won their Development League after beating QPR 4-3 away from home. Rangers were two points clear going into the final game of the season but in an exciting game the Addicks’ Brandon Hanlan grabbed the winner in the 88th minute.

The U18 Development League works the Play-Off system and as South Division winners we play the runners-up in the North, who were Crewe Alexander and QPR will play Huddersfield Town, the North winners.

The Academy has been a source of pride for many years, established by Murray and Simons, ehanced in fairness by Jimenez and Slater and extolled by Roland Duchâtelet.

Funded by Kevin Cash, it was Jimenez and Slater that appointed Paul Hart as Academy Director almost 3 years ago. I was under the impression that Hart’s contract had another year too run, but word on the street is that tempted by bigger job offers, he will leave after this season, which would be a desperate shame.

José Riga is one man rumoured to be in the running to replace Hart. This summer, after this hellish season finally ends, will be very engrossing for sure.

Talking of which, Millwall showed us today how to put a nothing-to-play-for side to the sword. 10 points in 4 games for the Lions, who have taken this relegation battle by the scruff of the neck, whilst Riga’s Charlton simply prod their finger at it.

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  1. Raith C Chattonell #

    For me the only positive comments from RD about Charlton Athletic are regarding the academy.

    I wonder if this is where his business eye is centred? A football factory producing the likes of Poyet and Cousins could very quickly turn the business around and put a twinkle in his ‘non football’ loving eye.

    The first thing he needs to address though is getting the starlets to sign a contract and here he has a secret weapon in place already. What young man is going to resist the charms of KM?

    Seriously though – I’d love to know what moves are being made on Poyet – RD must be having kittens watching the potential windfall slip through his grasp.

    April 20, 2014
    • I blame most of the contract issues on the last owners, but in January RD’s due diligence should have picked this up and if he and his ‘people’ had such a handle on academies and player intelligence the offer of contracts to key first team players and and youngsters like Poyet and Fox should have been priorities.

      I would expect Powell recommended it, but RD untrusting ignored the wish. Now offers have been made, but our league position has given the players all of the bargaining power.

      April 20, 2014

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