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No end to this nightmare

There were some not pleasant stories coming out of SE7 today. Roland Duchatelet has been at the The Valley this week and Rich Cawley has just confirmed that the Belgium is making plans for the new season as if he is still the owner. His first decision was to offload Ezri Konsa to Brentford yesterday with other cost saving plans to come shortly involving player sales and staff cuts.

As always, only in RD’s bitter and twisted brain are reasons known to why he acts like he does. The Muir consortium is still actively trying to buy the club, but Duchatelet has taken it upon himself to act, and his first move was to sell one of our brightest young stars, and no doubt pocketed the money.

This is all very familiar to the asset stripping he did at Standard Liege before he eventually sold the club, leaving them in such a poor state of repair that they were bottom at Christmas.

Duchaletet’s spite knows no bounds. I am glad that Richard Murray is looking after our interests.

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