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Lip service

Cynicism comes easy when you have been a Charlton supporter for 40 years and sadly I read this morning’s announcement of a planned meeting with fan’s representatives through a lens of mistrust. No sign of his lordship getting on the Eurostar of course, but I am sure he will send his apologies with a message to like it or lump it. 

It seems strange to me that the CEO continues to avoid direct communication with the Supporter’s Trust. I know it doesn’t represent everybody, but what would? But it is the largest organised group of supporters  that has over 1,000 paid up members. It will contain a broad mix of supporters and includes many bright minds that can only contribute to the future well being of the club.

The Fans Forum so far has lacked bite and reading through the previous meeting notes, when made available, conversations have been rather inconsequential and certainly not “meaningful or constructive.” No offence to the FF but this looks on the face of it a hope from Meire that she will be able to control the dialogue and the output afterwards.

The thing I am most cyncial about is the randomly selecting of supporters from the database. Ignoring the fact that the club’s database is useless, I would be interested to see who get’s invited. Last time we had a 15-year old boy representing the fan base!

However it is a start and it does answer a call for communication and I’m glad that Meire is reacting to “recent concerns surrounding the club.” although I remember a start like this before, and that never had a middle nor an end!

Time to dwell on this but when it happens it will be imperative that those supporters in attendance will need to be prepared and not willing to cow down to what will I expect be more of a dictatorial lesson with Murray seething on the sidelines than a fruitful consultation.

Yesterday the OS contained an interview with Interim Head Coach Karel Fraeye. He was clearly waiting in the wings, in Roland’s network waiting room, and was preparing for this moment. I don’t want to dissect every word he said, and we’ll leave alone the “I chatted to the players individually last week” but he came across well, speaking good English, and JBG and Henderson both agreed last night at a Bromley Addicks meeting that the week has been positive. 

What this Blog wants to continue to do is support the players. We know the squad’s shortcomings, but it still contains good players that I believe only want to do their best for the club and it’s supporters. Jackson, Henderson, JBG, Cousins, Bauer, Makienok and Solly all talk affectionately about the club and getting on their backs won’t help anybody. 

Getting Jason Euell on board is a positive, and I hope he is used as a counterbalance and not a makeweight. I’ll repeat that Karel Fraye’s ability will be shown for us all to see, particularly in the window between now and the Meire and Murray meeting. In the meatime support the team and not the administration.

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  1. a2c #

    Juss ahrt of interest, ow many meetins did Slater n Jiminez old with the fans I can’t remember any dahn our gaff. Wass wrong with a 15 year old meetin Katrien n representin fans e as juss as every right as you, me or anyone else. I think thass bein a bit disrespectful to a young person meself n I thought Ben came across well n asked intelligent questions n all lass time. The Trust iss a clique n never will represent most fans n I’d never join it either.

    October 30, 2015

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