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Just day’s away

On the heels of Richard Murray giving a takeover update to the Fans Forum last night, Rick Everitt today tweeted just two words “Done Deal.”

Maybe a time to hold one’s breath and wait to see what the next few days bring us as a few last items are finalized, such as the long outstanding directors’ loans.

Murray said that he was sworn to a NDA, and that he has not been involved in negotiations “blow by blow” but two parties were still at the table, with one further ahead due to being closer on Duchatelet’s price, thought to be as much as £45m. That party is suspected to be the Australian bid.

Rick’s latest update suggests that one bidder has won their race (this from two sources Rick says) and that early next week all will be revealed.

Positively Murray was pretty insistent that any deal would include The Valley and Sparrows Lane, so hopefully we will be 100% rid of Duchatelet and can welcome in new owners….. Owners please that have ambition, a plan, and the club, the community and fans at the axis of it’s proposal.

We appear close.

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  1. NIGEL #

    There is a distinct atmosphere of joviality in our house tonight CA. My son and I have been in denial for months now, as we just won’t believe it until it happens. However it seems like we really are on the brink. I personally think the new buyers have been holding back until the thread page count on Charlton Life reached 400…

    Pembury Addick

    February 8, 2018
  2. Hang on not yet done and crikey The Owner no doubt going to make a profit, despite pumping in some monies, biut not on players ofcourse.

    February 8, 2018

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