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Powell leaving is not worth thinking about

There is a lot of chatter about Chris Powell’s future at the club. It is presumed, with quite good reason, that he doesn’t have much of a relationship with Tony Jimenez, he does with Michael Slater, but his opinion is becoming less meaningful. One would have thought the only Charlton man left standing, I am of course talking about Richard Murray, would be like the majority of us, and still hold Chris in high regard.

I would think Chris Powell is having a fair few sleepless nights. He is still on a massive learning curve and it has been a very tough introduction to this level. There have been games and situations when he has shown his naivety and made errors of judgment, yet he has shown very promising ability and he has also called many, many decisions correctly. He is a quick learner but this is a callous profession to have to learn on the job, especially if you are getting no moral support from up top.

Given scope to build his own team, Powell won the League One title, with record points. In his first full season. In the spring Powell was asked for his plan of action for this season, but overnight the finances changed and Powell was not supported, to the extent that he was originally promised, in the transfer market.

I think that perhaps only Wilson and maybe Button were on Powell’s original target list. Yes, the board financed some low key signings, and some subsequent loans, but with the exception of Wilson they are no better than what Powell already had. Ricardo Fuller’s signing admittedly does not fit into that mold. He was a big signing and will not be cheap but he did represent a gamble.

Long term injuries to key players, something that we avoided last season, combined with niggles to Haynes, Stephens and one or two others has decimated the squad and has made team selection and playing a consistent system a nightmare for CP. It has been obvious to me that the squad needs strengthening to compete without the fear of relegation in this division.

The season has been one of small margins and Saturday was the first time that we’ve lost by more than the odd goal, and we have played over half of the teams in the division including 9 of the top 12. To be honest I would take 4th bottom now and look to get to better grips with this division next season.

The owners, despite handicapping their manager in the transfer market and with a lack of communication and clear strategy, will I suspect demand much, much more, particularly if the club is being gift wrapped for selling on but to get rid of Powell now would be madness.

Not only is stability needed at the club right now, but I truly believe that Chris Powell will go on to win more honours in football management and it would be truly sickening if that is not with this club.

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  1. Jim davidson #

    Well said

    November 6, 2012
  2. Texas Addick #

    You make a strong argument CA and I for one totally agree with you, have we not learnt already from the not so distant past what knee jerk reactions end up doing to the club, I am still in favour of letting Powell get on with it, as I am sure he will pull us away from the bottom.

    I was there saturday to see the game, and to be fair until the give away by Morrison for their second goal we were still in the game, nows NOT the time to panic, its the time we all should be getting behind the team, they need us, and we need them playing well.

    November 6, 2012
  3. Bob Miller #

    My thoughts as well CA. To me, Chris Powell showed his mettle last season and is presently working with one hand tied behind his back.

    Bit harsh on the Republican support base in the previous posting! There are wackos on both sides, as is the case in politics the world over.

    November 6, 2012
  4. Pembury Addick #

    CA, its starting to feel like last season was just a blip in our decline since 2006, rather than the start on a road to recovery. As many have commented, Sir Chrissy’s decisions on selection, and more particularly substitutions, seem flawed. but the problem seems far deeper than Powell’s managerial ability. By that I mean the appparent midfield purchases that were scuppered by the owner(s)/Mysterons, due to apparent financial reasons. I would venture that many puzzling selections made by Chrissy are down his searching for the right midfield combination in the face of lack of quality.

    Getting rid of Chrissy isn’t the answer. But I suspect that we won’t see the answer for some time now (next summer?) or at all. i think its going to be all about surviving with the players we have now, plus some loans in January.

    In short we need new owners/Mysterons – not a new manager. could be worse of course…

    Pembury Addick

    November 6, 2012

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