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What is Richard Murray thinking?

Richard Murray probably doesn’t attend every game but one would think he might make the long trip up to Brunton Park tomorrow, home to many great Addick memories but potentially a graveyard for Phil Parkinson.

The future direction of the club is now Murray’s sole responsibility. Personally I felt the club suffered from having too many directors and divergent opinions previously. That is no longer the case, and in many circles it is acknowledged that Alan Pardew would have gone earlier if he hadn’t cleverly worked the copious amount of decision makers at the club. 

Murray has been a big sponsor of Parky though. He encouraged him to stay when Huddersfield Town came knocking in April 2007 and at that point his inheritence of the top job was pretty much guaranteed. After a disastrous caretaker role, Parky was still appointed as manager and then rewarded with a contract extension on the back of his first run of good results. The play-off failure was considered unlucky and not unworthy.

Murray is a big admirer of Parky, publicy stating his respect for him and even comparing him to Alan Curbishley, the greatest manager the club has had in the modern era.

Murray needs the Parkinson appointment to work out. His luck with managers ran out with Curbs. It’s a long season and an open division and Murray will want to give him more time, perhaps even more money in January. But Murray will be very cognisant of fan power down in SE7 and ultimately it will be us that will decide Parky’s fate.

Ignore those that say we can’t afford to sack Parky. Murray can, he can’t afford not too. Murray will sack Parkinson because every manager get’s sacked eventually. I think Parky will survive a defeat tomorrow but Richard Murray’s long journey home from Carlisle tomorrow night will give him plenty of thinking time.

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  1. Pat #

    Why can’t more managers be like Strachan? He left Boro without taking a penny – and he must have had a clause in his contract that entitled him to a small fortune. He knew it wasn’t working, he wasn’t doing a good job, and he’s gone. Easy. I really, really want Parky to be good at his job but the signs are not great. Please, please, prove me wrong.
    Anyway CA – this is my last day in my current job – been here for 15 years and I am spending most of the day in tears. I wish everyone could have a boss like mine (in case you are wondering – he retired).

    October 22, 2010

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