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Well, that was my initial reaction, but the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to me if I was Ezri Konsa. I suspect there was no real Premier League interest, at least those willing to meet an asking price or a timing. So Ezri, unlike many young ambitious footballers, decides that the next step on the ladder is a move up to somewhere he can be a regular, stay in London and be in a more populous shop window.

Let’s face it. Brentford are a far better proposition than us. They may not be loaded with parachute or foreign money, but they have a plan, a system that has them competing beyond themselves and will over time give them an advantage. Currently we offer Konsa none of those things so farewell Ezri and good luck.

No mention of a fee officially but £2.5m plus add-ons is what has been shared. Now, does that money go into RD’s pocket? Duchatelet has previous on this when just before he sold Standard Liege, he cashed in on players, and retained rights to future sell on windfalls, and held young player’s contracts.

With Josh Magennis next on the Belgian’s cash-in list, how does this affect the Australian’s bid? Are they party to Konsa’s sale? Can they at this point influence who stays and who goes and does that transfer fee come off the sale price of the club?

It doesn’t sit well with me and who an earth is sanctioning these deals?

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  1. Wes #

    Spot on with your assessment football is a fluid situation and a lot of previously “Bigger” clubs feel they have a divine right to remain at top level. Brentford in al my years supporting them made same mistakes two years sack or loose manager new players go again start from scratch. This thankfully has now stopped with a plan still have other teams saying its only Brentford makes me smile but also helps when we are underestimated. We now have a plan that not only works but is long term. Best of luck to Charlton look forward to our Derby’s hopefully in the Prem

    June 13, 2018
  2. londonlad #

    It was publicised somewhere I saw that any transfer money gained before the takeover would come off the final figure. I don’t know how true that is.

    June 13, 2018
  3. rierti #

    I agree that this is a good move for EK, a measured step to something better in the future. From CAFCs point of view, in the past moving to Brentford would never have been thought of as
    a.progression. About 15yrs ago Michael Turner was sold to Brentford,wrongly in my opinion,for a reported fee of £250k and subsequently moved on to several larger clubs commanding multimillion transfer fees. Deja Vu???,MT was captain of the reserves and Curbishley did not consider him first team material as we were a Prem side at the time.
    Magennis is a better player than many think because he has been poorly managed, the systems used particularly by KR did not provide a support striker or wide players capable of providing crosses. Bowyer realised the problem but could only offer Ajose, who as you know I don’t rate,as the no.10.I don;t think we can replace Magennis internally and a replacement in the tranfer market could be very expensive.

    June 13, 2018

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