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CARD: Protests to resume

Following absolute silence on the takeover front on the back of a couple of positive Richard Murray proclamations, that have frankly been pointless. Then with Karl Robinson after the Blackpool game saying that any takeover is nowhere near and it could be next season CARD have called for a day of protests at the Rotherham game on Easter Monday and will follow that up with action at the other 3 home games in April.

Furthermore CARD will consider renewed protests in Belgium against Roland Duchatelet, particularly surrounding the owner’s new hotel.

The team’s form, while I would argue that the manager and players should take full responsibility for just 4 wins since October, it cannot help that the club is completely rudderless, and bereft of any strategy and vision.

CARD said “While we appreciate the takeover requires a degree of confidentiality, it has become clear that that neither Karl Robinson nor a majority of fans now feel they can rely on what director Richard Murray says. Fans have been very patient this season and wanted to give Karl Robinson and the players every chance. But another opportunity to get out of League One has been squandered, the club has no effective leadership or strategic direction and there appears to be every prospect of this continuing into the summer, while the absentee owner sits in Belgium counting his money.”

CARD is also calling on a boycott of 2018-19 season tickets, that’s of course if the club actually have anyone in authority to set pricing and marketing strategy. Of course if the club do manage to promote next year’s season tickets. You know where that money will go don’t you? The same place as Ademola Lookman’s transfer fee.

I fully support any form of protest to rid ourselves of this cancer that has consumed our famous football club. I may even get myself over for one of those April games.

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