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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie

After what has seen like a length of a James Cook expedition the Aussies are apparently finally coming. We have seen plenty of false dawns but word is that next week we may eventually get rid of the Belgian poison and have new owners.

According to the sage Richard Murray there were two bids accepted. One was obviously the Aussies, and the other may have been an Arab consortium, or was it English or was it the Scots, and someone said today there was some American interest. Who the hell knows, except that we finally rid ourselves of Roland Duchatelet.

Yes Robinson was useless, Slade was worst than useless, Peeters was a nutter, Thomas Drieson’s influence was extraordinary, Yohann Thuram-Ulien was a disaster, Katrien Meire was a pathological liar, and we can go on and on but the man who is solely responsible for all of this is Roland Duchatelet. Lest us not forget, and when he hands over the keys to the club we should celebrate.

We have the richest owner in our history, and what good did that do us. If the Aussies had to look down the back of the sofa to find the money, then fair enough at least they really want us. We can worry about how much money they’ve got or haven’t got when they get the keys to the house, in the meantime the main criminal is going to be history. Good riddance.

The Aussies have been in the frame for months and months. That in itself shows a desire and a willingness to want to take our football club forward. It’s amazing how cheap a plan, a strategy and some ambition can be and how far it can take you. Just ask John Berylson.

Harry Kewell appears to be the man the Aussies are going to entrust, unless that is lazy journalism. Kewell’s Crawley may not be charging to promotion in the division below us, but he has a team playing good football that were expected to struggle. Heck, he’s even got Karlan Ahearne-Grant scoring goals and I do admire a top class player cutting his managerial teeth at the bottom of the food chain.

Less anticipated in all of this was the name of Paul Elliott cropping up. Elliott has been involved in other potential bids, and is a regular at games, and when I was a teenager he was one of my favourite players. The Aussies may put in Paul Elliott as chairman.

I won’t sleep just yet, who is to say that Roland Duchatelet isn’t finished sticking pins in us from his laboratory in Saint-Truiden. However we maybe a little closer today to change.

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  1. Mark #

    Don’t count your chickens eh CA?
    RD could just be spiteful enough to bring Russell Slade or Peeters back on a cast-iron 10 year contract before he hands the keys over, just to spite all of us vinegar pi$$ers……

    I will certainly celebrate the departure of this lamentable regime – by singing Waltzing Matilda and raising a glass of Fosters. As you say, they may not have much loose change in their pockets but we have far, far more in common with a bunch of Aussies than we do a Belgian millionaire.
    Aussies love and know their sport, they speak the same lingo (well, almost!), they enjoy drinking bitter as well as lager, they enjoy fish n’chips and they enjoy a joke and a bit of banter.

    They may take a while to get used to the Football League – but they’ll ‘get it’ far quicker than Duchatalet’s mob…. he never did get to understand English football, or its fans, even after 4 laborious years.

    Btw, I’ve got a mate who’s a Wednesday supporter – he’s now realising why I couldn’t stop grinning like a Cheshire cat when Night Meire drove up the M1, or how she got her nickname.. He now agrees that she’s as potty as their club’s Thai owner….
    Now, where’s that tin of Fosters?

    March 22, 2018
  2. Definately not counting any chickens yet and as we all know we talking CAFC here.
    However a nice run of wins would be very nice, but starting this Saturday would be a good start.
    But not holding my breadth for too long on anything coming out of this club.

    March 22, 2018
  3. Mark #

    After Plymouth ‘mugged’ us down at Home Park in August with 2 goals from 3 attacks in the whole game the team should be out for revenge tomorrow.

    A massive day in the season for the Addicks – will ‘new manager bounce’ hit the Valley? I really hope so. I also hope that Bowyer’s flair will replace Robinson’s shortage of tactical awareness and that the players raise their game enough to get the 3 points the Valley faithful deserve.
    Sadly I won’t be there as this ‘customer’ still refuses to attend home games and give a penny to the Duchatalet regime….. hopefully this could be the last home game of the exile!

    March 23, 2018

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