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Bowyer and Jacko to stay until end of season

“The club are currently in takeover discussions with two separate parties and while the sale of the club has not been finalised, it has been confirmed that one of the conditions of the sale, agreed by both parties interested in purchasing, will be that Bowyer is kept on as Caretaker Manager, with Johnnie Jackson continuing as his assistant, until the end of the season.” (more)

Great news that allows both Bowyer and the players space and encouragement to continue their recent revival under Bowyer and Jacko and importantly boosts the new wave of energy this past week or so has created amongst the fanbase.

Whilst that is a common sense move by the club and the two potential buyers, it only tells us that any takeover is still in the discussion stage and nowhere near being complete. Murray is backtracking like he’s in a time machine, and his lack of any authority, when there is no one else at the wheel of the club, is frightening.

In the short term the commitment to Bowyer and Jackson is heartening, but the future direction of the club, including season tickets and planning for next season is disconcerting. Murray obviously knows nothing of the takeover situation but the timeline thus far is nothing short of bizarre.

Anyway to end on a positive. Duchatelet has committed to sell the club. Imminent takeover or not, let’s keep the energy going and back Bowyer, Jacko and the players to the hilt.

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  1. I wonder if the buyers put that clause in to stop Roland hiring a no hoper from the Belgium pub league? Stranger things…

    April 4, 2018

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