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The day after the day after

Whilst relegation has been an obvious outcome to a calamitous season, I am finding it hard to digest. Looking at that League One table and the top of League Two does not scream ‘Ooh a new ground’ it shouts ‘up yours.’

The days after the Bolton game have produced a whole range of stories, with I am sure many more to come. Roland Duchatelet was at The Valley today and meetings continue with what Meire called the Senior Management Team this afternoon in a London hotel. Undoubtedly whilst it should be Meire’s future on top of the agenda I would expect it to be Jose Riga.

It is also understood that Paul Elliott planned to meet with Duchatelet, although there will be no uplifting videos or media meetings. The owner was greeted this morning at The Valley gates by a flashmob of Addicks complete with banners. Good work.

Meanwhile Richard Murray continues to exert some kind of authority by putting together a list of three potential chief scouts. One however is said to be Andrew Mills (photo), who previously worked for Murray as General Manager – Football. I think that was his title. From December 2005 and until he was cut loose in March 2007 Mills was responsible for negotiating players contracts. I believe Curbs wasn’t a fan but following that Mills was very involved with the signing of players during the Dowie period. Apparently the club was then not big enough for both Pardew and Mills’ ego. Him and Meire should get on swimmingly.

Mills has moved in just 10 years from agent to general manager to CEO of both Brentford and Aldershot to Head of Recruitment at Millwall. He is not known to stick around long though. After some fanfare when joining The Lions last March, he was gone 12 months later.

Well connected Belgian journalist Sven Claes has announced that Igor Vetokele has a clause in his contract that allows him to leave for free following relegation. Vetokele was signed just two seasons ago by Meire for €3m on a 5-year deal. She’s mustard that Meire and it makes you wonder who else has a similar clause in their contract?

Tonight is the Sponsor’s Dinner which should be a riot. After a number of years sponsoring players I decided last summer to take a break as I was unhappy with Duchatelet having any of my money up front. Under this owner there has been such a turnover of players at the club, it’s been hard to build any allegiance with the squad, legends like Jacko aside, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

Finally CARD are leading massive demonstrations at Saturday’s game where Addicks will be joined by Brighton fans in protest against Duchatelet, Meire and Murray. Expect the kitchen sink.

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  1. Andrew Mills involved with ,” the signing of players during the Dowie period”. What it is with Murray and Dowie? He can’t leave it alone..someone else whose determined to re-create past mistakes over and over again. Yes a perfect fit with with KM.

    April 21, 2016
    • Yes indeed get out the lot of you. Yeah everyone makes mistakes, but the same ones time after time. Get out of our club NOW

      April 21, 2016

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