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Neil Harris must be rubbing his hands coming to us tomorrow night. I’m sure he can already smell the fear.

In the meantime somehow Jackson, his coaching team and the players have to face up to our demons and react like a wounded and cornered bear. The problem being is for weeks if not months we have showed no fighting qualities whatsoever. For those that talk of ability in the team, we’ve seen zero of that as similarly.

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A derelict Valley

Tough times for us Addicks, and no sugarcoating where we find ourselves, possibly heading for our lowest league finish since 1926.

Nonetheless it does do us good once in a while to think back to when the position of club was even more daunting.

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My Top Five 2021 Favourite Places

🔝5️⃣. Next up on my look back at the year that wasn’t of 2021 is My Top Five Favourite Places. Not quite as limited on exploration as the year before, nevertheless the five were relatively easy to select.

There was nowhere new, but plenty of places revisited, one in particular was long overdue. Here are my 2021 Top Five Favourite Places 🌇

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New contract announcement

Not Jacko yet although Thomas Sandgaard has joined yours truly in the UK this week, so watch this space, but today it was Corey Blackett-Taylor who signed a new contract.

The 24-year old was initially signed until January but has had his contract extended until the summer of 2023.

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Sing a song for Sebbo

The Valley Seb Lewis mosaic looks fantastic and is a brilliant and lasting tribute to a fellow fan, but not just any fan. Seb sadly died due to Covid-19 in March, 2020.

Seb dedicated his whole life to following Charlton around the country. Not everyone knew him, or even knew of him, but he represented both the quirkiness and that special loyalty of being a Charlton fan. He was to coin a phrase – Proper Charlton.

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A week is a long time in football

As someone once said.

It is now a week until D Day, and I’m content, or at least accepting, that the club will require every minute of that whole week to make signings. It’s the way the window appears to work and the expectation is that the final day, hours and minutes of this summer’s will be extra chaotic.

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Back at The Valley

Good morning Addicks. How are we doing?

What a great feeling it is for Addicks’ fans to be back at The Valley, which other than for the odd Covid trial event, has sat ghost like for the past 17 months. It is been a weird time for everyone but routines will return this afternoon as friends and family gather to wake up this historic football stadium.

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2021/22 Season tickets announced

The announcement of new season tickets not only signals a sign of refreshed hope and ambition, but for next season it means so much more than that.

Thomas Sandgaard’s first proper season (with a pre-season) and hopefully Addicks back in our beloved Valley cheering the boys on. Normality mixed wih optimism and promise

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A statement to ourselves

A simple if expensive, but thoughtful idea for Nigel Adkins and his team to stay down in Devon on Tuesday night. A few chamomile and tea’s, a bit of supper and bed for the boys, even though the skipper had that beer glint in his eyes 👀.

It was a super win on Tuesday and (not for the first time) I lean towards Curbs’ view that this was not a win to send a statement to our rivals, but a win to send a statement to ouirselves.

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The Alan Curbishley Stand

One of the many things Thomas Sandgaard has done right is doff his cap to the club’s history, and Friday’s annoucement that in August they are to commemorate the 30 years since Alan Curbishley first became manager of the club by renaming the East Stand after him, is a wonderful acknowledgement to one of Charlton’s greats.

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Seb Lewis memorial

A year ago Charlton super fan Seb Lewis lost his young life to Covid-19. He was just 38.

Up until the suspension of games Seb had seen 1,076 Charlton games in a row, not missing a game for over 22 years. True Legend and truly missed from The Valley and every away end in the country.

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A mild evening in Woolwich

32 years ago tonight there was a warm and expectant air circulating around the Woolwich Town Hall. Spring was around the corner and hundreds of Addicks including my brother and I were stood outside on the steps on Wellington Street pre-mobile phones and texting waiting on word of what was developing in the chamber inside.

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A year ago

Last March was a pretty uncertain time for everyone, the pandemic was unravelling quickly, as was the ownership situation at Charlton Athletic.

A year ago tonight I wrote that I had just got indoors from having dinner with a client…. probably the last for a while I said. It was.

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Charlton Athletic 2 Gillingham 3

Another three conceded at home. Another defeat. Another miserable day.

The pitch was only passed fit less than an hour before kick-off with loud mouth Evans wanting the game off, and Charlton wanting the game played…. of course!

That’s quite a crushing defeat knocking any renewed confidence after last week and proving again that this is not a promotion winning team. There are a good 7-8 sides consistently better than us. In fact we have not dominated a team above us in any league meeting this season and the games keep getting ticked off.

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Home form

Lee Bowyer touched on a topic many of us have highlighted as a problem today, and that is our miserable home form.

By my calculations under Bowyer at The Valley since he took over with fans in the ground the Addicks won 26 of their 46 league games that were played. That does not include play-off’s, or games this season with a small number of socially distanced fans allowed in.

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