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Protesting Addicks occupy Valley

More than 500 Addicks took the The Valley today in continued protests at owners East Street Investments (ESI) demanding that in whatever guises they have, they get out of our club. 

Charlton fans broke into the ground to create their own Valley open day sitting in the stands, wandering around pitch side taking photos and sharing videos online. They long occupied the club’s boardroom insisting on owners to come and meet them, but strangely enough no one came.

It was all done peacefully and in good spirits, but with a strong message for ESI to bugger off back to hole from where they came, and give our club back to its supporters so they can join forces with more honourable and non-criminal owners.

The protest was coined (sic) the ‘Bring a £1 to The Valley’’ symbolizing how clubs like Charlton, and many others are flipped for a quid amongst crooks and charlatans looking for bit of counterfeit fame and fortune. Not the slightest care or interest in where football clubs really belong within communities and generations of supporters. 

Egotistic nobodies may own the name, and the unhinged bloke in Belgium may own the bricks and mortar, but it is us, the supporters that are the history, the fabric, and the heart of everything that Charlton Athletic stands for. 

Wigan and Brighton fans were also in attendance as fans, young and old, were joined by the Valley Floyd Road bagpiper who later serenaded Addicks sat in the boardroom. Whilst there Thomas Sandgaard was called on his mobile, and he happily chatted to Addicks showing admiration and an understanding of our fight.

Over £600 was left neatly at Sam Bartram’s statue to be donated to the Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust’s Covid-19 relief Fund. Later Thomas Sandgaard matched the amount with his own individual donation.

Proud today once again to call myself an Addick.

UPDATE: Events turned a little sour tonight as the club issued a press release to the national media slamming individuals who caused damage, stole alcohol and a games console from within the stadium. The so-called SMT with input from the communications team wrote the media release.

On the basis that both parties knew exactly who was involved this should have stayed in house, yet it has belittled 99.9% of good intentions to rescue our club from the real thieves.

Whilst that behaviour of a few should not be condoned, it is a typically puerile reaction we have become used to from officers and directors of the club.

Later, it turned out that money was left for taken booze from the boardroom and the games console will be returned.

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