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Charlton Athletic 0 Fleetwood Town 0

Devoid to ideas, devoid of anything..

Even the fellas on the radio commentary who can make a throw-in sound exciting were stuck for words at this woeful display today in front of a sparse Valley. We’ve scored once now in four games. We are a team lacking in spirit, pace, ideas and direction.

After a reasonably encouraging start by us Fleetwood soon worked us out and put plenty of men behind the ball and limited us to two shots on target. In fact the Cod Army had the best chances of the game and should have won it in the 2nd half but fluffed a golden opportunity.

Zyro and Ajose came on, and wait for it, both played as strikers. We sounded a bit more lively, well like a more recently extinct dodo.

And how totally depressing is it to look at those pictures of The Valley with about 6,000 people in it. The official attendance laughably was given at 9,865. unfortunately no one is laughing.

Just sell the club.

Quote: Robinson said that a fan shouted “do you practice corners?” after two Fosu attempts at start of 2nd half. “Are people that stupid to think we don’t work on them? We work on them every day.” He said.
Addick Bloggers: Albury Addick
Photo credit: @Mogodon

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  1. I get the distinct feeling that KR knows we are not going up and he is sending teams out so he gets the sack and a pay off.
    If his contract finished this summer, he would have left and touted for another position.
    He just might as well play the old fashioned way of. 2 / 3 / 5.
    At least that way defenders know they defend, midfield know they tackle and supply the five forwards. The forwards know it is their job to score and make goals.
    If nothing else if played correctly it would bamboozle the other team and at least. Give them a chance.
    In the present form we will be middle table at the end of the season.
    From some one who watched when Jimmy Seed was the manager. Its a damn awful way to watch your team suffer and get stifled by inferior teams on paper.
    Which possibly shows it is the tactics and mental attitude toward each and every game.

    March 18, 2018
    • You see Larry this is what kills me. You have been going since the 50’s and there has been some desperate times during those decades since. Early 70’s, 80’s bankruptcy, Selhurst, Pardew relegation, yet this period with our richest ever owner is right up amongst the most depressing!

      March 18, 2018
  2. NIGEL #

    We had a good laugh on the coach going up, made sure we had a good laugh during the game, had reasonably good sing song in the Covered End,a good laugh in the coach coming back and won the the box of Milk Tray in the coach raffle! Shame about the game..

    Heard a rumour from our coach steward/pub landlord that Karl goes to Oxford Tuesday, and ownership deal goes through this week. Its probably Tosh but any port in a storm, and we are desperate for good news. Much as I loved Karl’s passion, you need a manager to get more out of a team than the sum of the parts and he is getting less. A good manager would turn the current owner situation to his advantage, and play on “siege mentality” – he hasn’t. If he goes we might just get somethng from the new manager bounce. Reckon the Rat will apppoint Jacko or Jason if he hasn’t sold, and in the circumstances it might just work.

    My son and I decided we will go the Player of the Season Awards this year – reckon on current attendances it will be him and I plus 7 players round the table. Hope we get Fosu on our table as i want to find out more about this corner practice….

    Pembury Addick

    March 18, 2018
    • Another great day at the football only ruined by the football PA….

      Apparently Oxford to make an announcement on Tuesday..

      March 18, 2018

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