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Neil Harris must be rubbing his hands coming to us tomorrow night. I’m sure he can already smell the fear.

In the meantime somehow Jackson, his coaching team and the players have to face up to our demons and react like a wounded and cornered bear. The problem being is for weeks if not months we have showed no fighting qualities whatsoever. For those that talk of ability in the team, we’ve seen zero of that as similarly.

Confidence is shot, and we are ill disciplined. The football we played under the caretaker Jackson relied on confidence, fitness, organization and supporting your team mates.

This has been a truly horrible season and even a summer clean sweep of the place has to be trusted upon people that have previously not delivered. Before then the players simply have to roll their sleeves up and show they have pride and care.

For Jackson’s part the players are not the only individuals that are playing for their careers. Perhaps unjust but this group of players will dirty other doorsteps, Jackson may not be as lucky.

Tomorrow night is a massive game, probably the biggest since we came down from The Championship. There is no way Jackson can pick some of the players who were an embarrassment at Accrington.

It may not need a tactical masterclass tomorrow, but it will need some self-esteem and Jackson has that, and he and the Valley crowd need to draw that out of the players. Togetherness will be vital.


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  1. Daggs #

    It will be the first game I have attended for about two years, thanks to No1 son buying us a hospitality evening for my birthday.
    I really should be looking forward to it ……………………….

    March 15, 2022
  2. houndal #

    Bad luck Daggs, but happy birthday anyway.
    Beating Wimbledon – no hope and bob hope.
    These players simply don’t care and have been spending their £15k+ a week on the beach for months now.
    Even a shot on target seems too much to ask.
    I am just waiting for Jackson to trot out the now customary “the players have to take responsibility……”
    Even worse than “Adkins ” honest bunch of lads” after every loss.

    March 15, 2022
  3. LP #

    Well its a good job its a beautiful spring day here CA because you and Dave on ‘Drinking’ have dragged me right down with you. You both got me thinking about my time as a Charlton fan and overall I consider myself very lucky to have been born when I was. I loved coming to games, no matter what, from day one and those of you younger will probably not believe me when I say that there were some worse players and far worse football than today. Painfully small crowds with that huge empty terrace. But you can’t really compare the 2 eras can you – just look at the Big Match to see what I mean about the standard – painfully slow, awful pitches etc etc. But having suffered many ups and downs we came into the golden age of Curbs/Murray and the premiership. And now I have gone full circle and am back where I started. The bit in the middle makes it harder – doesn’t it all seem so wonderful and almost unreal now? I consider myself very lucky to have had that time – just think, I could have been born near Gillingham.
    Charlton ’til I die.

    March 15, 2022
    • LP – but today is a new day 😃

      I’m with you, there have been many worse players, teams and times. Makes it all the more bewildering that we are where we are. And even more bewildering how well Lennie and Curbs did!

      March 16, 2022

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