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Charlton Athletic 0 Portsmouth 1


I somehow wonder how we ever won at Wembley and that game 25 years ago you know. You can always rely on them to let you down.

Nonetheless Killer, Super Clive, Jimmy Melrose, Bobby Bolder, Paddy Powell, Colin Walsh etc etc is what 25 years ago is about to us fans. I don’t suspect the average 20-something modern day footballer worries about Valley Party’s and bonfires on the centre circle, but what they should be worried about is today’s league table and how it looks next May. That’s how they will be judged, but by all accounts the class of 2017 never turned up!

We are grave danger with a run of tricky games coming up, none more so than Saturday, of slipping down the table. As I said a few weeks ago Wigan, Blackburn, Bradford, Pompey, Oxford are all getting into their stride but we are walking in treacle. One point from three games and five from five is not promotion form and whilst Magennis, Holmes, JFC and Solly look they need a rest, Marshall, Reeves and Best have not given us a new impetus.

From the radio Clarke, and of course Amos, the only players to come out today’s special occasion with any credit. We are sterile in front of goal and give away many similar goals. Kenny Jackett is too smart not to work that out.

Add the fact that Addicks had to suffer Pompey’s finest and Katrien Meire had the audacity to enter the pitch at half time despite not caring about the club’s history it wasn’t quite the day we had all hoped for.

Quote: “Charlton huffing and puffing and huffing and puffing – repeat.” – Rich Cawley
Addick Bloggers: Chris Powell’s Flat Cap; Addicks Third Division Diary.
Photo credit: Keith Gillard

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  1. Luke Price #

    the first paragraph summed it up. great article nonetheless

    December 9, 2017
  2. Yes perfectly said and people do not like the truth and basically all those players out there with the exception of Amos simply do not care, but good money going in to their bank accounts every single week.

    December 10, 2017

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