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Charlton Athletic 1 Doncaster Rovers 3

A bleak end to an oppressive and very fatiguing week for Addicks’ fans. Typical of course that we’d lose today as a 1,000 spectators were allowed into The Valley to watch their team for the first time since March 7th.

Lee Bowyer saying walking out onto the pitch to those 1,000 supporters gave him goosebumps, gave me goosebumps, and in some positive news it sounded as all went off very well with today’s ‘test case.’

Watching on Valley Pass it was heartwarming to see seats occupied by Addicks, although due to EFL’s appalling service for the second week running, the majority of the first half’s pictures were accompanied by the sound of grinding and chiselling, and when that eventually stopped there wasn’t any commentary.

I ended up just listening to the commentary separately and kicking myself for signing up for a Valley Pass season ticket in a moment of pre-match over-exuberance.

Anyway onto the game. For 25 minutes it looked as if we’d left off from last week, and really should have been in front. Yet it was Donny that took the lead. Pratley unnecessarily gave the ball away and then when he tried to redeem himself the ball fell to Gomes who let fly past a wrong-footed Amos.

it was pretty ugly and hard to watch after that. Donny got their goals at great times but they had the measure of our back line, and different formations Bow tried. We did create chances, but not picking on Bonne, the QPR target showed why he is still a project and not the finished article.

Washington was far more likely to score and he did to make the scoreline more flattering and Gilbey hit the woodwork after that, but it was a tough watch and the players looked as if they too were showing signs of off-the-field burn-out.

They, Lee Bowyer, his staff and all of us deserve better. Thomas Sandgaard was there as promised and got a good welcome. It’s a very delicate balancing act, but we are all in need of some kind of positive declaration.

Bow said: “Goals win games and if you don’t take your chances and do the right things in the right areas, you don’t win games. That’s the difference. Look what they’ve done for the second goal. When did we get into positions and put crosses in like that? We didn’t.”

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  1. Alan Oakes #

    Pretty horrible to watch and listen to. I also signed up for season too. Hmm

    I think the interesting thing with Sandgaard is that he flew back to watch.. you have got to wonder why?

    FYI I watched through my iPad app putting it on my tv screen with Apple TV. I listened to the live commentary through the app on my cell phone

    September 19, 2020
    • Thanks for the tip Alan.

      As for TS, it has to be more than ego and a photo opp doesn’t it? Jetting in and working around the quarantining issues has to point to the evidence that he is more than serious about doing the deal. We’ve had too many fakes and frauds around us in recent years. He has to be the real deal doesn’t he?

      September 20, 2020
  2. rierti #

    With the lack of numbers in defence I question why we took a midfielder on loan surely the space in the squad should have been taken by a defensive loanee as the £1300 pw limit set by the EFL makes it unlikely that a permanent signing could be achieved. The other option would have been to promote Mingi to the squad from the U23s. We have an excess of midfield players, as having five on the subs bench yesterday proves. Surely we need to thin out the midfielders to create spaces to bring in at least two defenders. If we send players out on loan can we replace them with in coming loanees? Pratley and Barker are filling in but they need reinforcements asap.

    September 20, 2020
    • I have to think he was one of the 5 LB wanted and he was convinced that PE wouldn’t win the appeal. Selling Phillips and sending Vennings and Wiredu on loan would free up squad spots.

      September 20, 2020
      • rierti #

        If we sell Phillips we would need another goalkeeper in case Amos or Maynard-Brewer got injured. U23 goalkeeper Harness is very promising so could fill the gap. Personally I would not want to let Vennings go out on loan as I think he could breakthrough this season. If Dempsey and Quitirna count as squad players they could be better options, certainly Wiredu should go.. Although we have too many mid field players we do not have enough quality so once the defensive situation is resolved then other positions can be addressed. Forthcoming opponents will study our weakness in defence and find ways to exploit the situation.

        September 20, 2020
  3. Shadow Play #

    We have a makeshift defence so mistakes like Pratley’s and then Barker’s OG should not come as a surprise. Other than that they worked hard but the goals, especially the second knocked the stuffing out of us. Teams in L1 might lack quality but the successful ones have a great team ethos and once Donny were in front I couldn’t see us getting anything out of the game. We need to discover that team ethic – but given the latest chapter in the courts I wonder how motivated the players really are? The promised re-inforcements can’t sign and to cap it all off the thirdl Doncaster goal came from a player who apparently was on his way to the Valley before the injunctions and appeal process started.

    I was pleased that TS flew in – but why? I can’t see a resolution to the takeover until the November court case and unless he’s thinking of buying off Paul Elliott (i.e. paying him to go away) then he was wasting his time. We pretty much will have to write off the first half of the season and probably that’ll also do for our chances this year. Frankly I’m equally livid and astonished at Nimer’s legal games. He seems to want to sell the club and has an offer on the table from TS, while the other offer,from Elliott, has dragged on for several months. Legally the latter might have first dibs but Nimer should have been telling the judges (via his barrister of course) that he had failed to complete the takeover and had failed the OAD test that it lacked any merit or seriousness – and here’s all the evidence for the Sandgaard takeover so could he kindly tell Elliott to foxtrot oscar. Sadly Nimer’s antics have cost us again.

    September 20, 2020
  4. Elliott wanuts his pound of flesh whether it be money, ego, fame or a seat at the table. What he doesn’t want is to make Charlton great again.

    As for Panorama Magic and Marian Mihail – they are being shown up for the empty suits that all those tw@ts really are.

    And remind me who introduced this little lot to us. Oh that loon in Belgium. In all of the mysteries surrounding the club since Slater and Jimenez walked into the door, how RD made a euro in business in one of the greatest.

    September 20, 2020
  5. LP #

    I was frustrated by the coverage too – who is the twit with the camera focusing on the crowd when a corner had been taken? And trying the audio with the pictures didn’t work because is wasn’t synced. Worse that that – we can hear the sounds from the ground which are also ahead of the action on screen. Was it really a success CA? I couldn’t help noticing (because of said cameraperson) that there were a number of people in the lower north without masks on when I could clearly hear the announcements in the ground telling people they had to keep them on at all times. If 1000 can’t stick to the rules what chance with higher numbers? I’m desperate to be in there and not watching sub-standard coverage so I hope these people don’t spoil our chances.

    September 20, 2020
    • 😆 After lockdown last season I always got annoyed when the camera focused on the empty seats whilst the game was going on. So amateurish.

      As for yesterday I heard good things, but with a lockdown imminent and numbers spiking you have to wonder when more people will be allowed in.

      Meanwhile currently in Miami, which has been a real hot spot, the Dolphins have 13,000 watching their NFL game…. about 20% of capacity!

      September 20, 2020

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