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2021/22 Season tickets announced

The announcement of new season tickets not only signals a sign of refreshed hope and ambition, but for next season it means so much more than that.

Thomas Sandgaard’s first proper season (with a pre-season) and hopefully Addicks back in our beloved Valley cheering the boys on. Normality mixed wih optimism and promise

I’ve only had a cursory look at all the numbers, and watch the video if you haven’t because it will raise the heart beat, but they look reasonable and to take a family for the season looks very good value. It also sounds as if it is a very easy process.

The Upper Covered End prices on the face of it looked ‘high’ when compared to other areas, and I need to study the membership options because on first blush I’m confused, but from what I could see fans all over had a very positive glow.

By the close of the day the club had sold just short of 2,000 tickets, which has to be the most on first day for many a year.

I personally cannot wait to walk back into The Valley on a matchday.

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