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Posts tagged ‘Coronavirus’

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Dads.

Sadly for me it will be another day isolating in the bedroom struggling with Covid, so I get to enjoy the lazy-do-nothing-all-day vibe but with no one to share it with, although the dog does come down and visit me occasionally.

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A bite of the Big Apple

I spent the last few days in New York, which has slowly come back to life with sidewalks and streets busier.

Downtown by the World Trade Center in an evening fog the city was as evocative as ever, and as I always do I walked past the two vast 9/11 memorial reflecting pools where water is sucked 30 feet into gigantic square basins on the site of the original twin towers

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My Top Five 2021 Bermuda Things

🔝5️⃣ Two more of these Top Five’s to share. Bermuda is like no other place in the World in so many different ways. It’s is peculiar and beautiful in equal measures.

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Happy New Year

So bored of Covid. It has had it’s fun and games, killed loved ones, turned upside down daily life and prevented us from seeing the people and things that make us happy. Please just do one. Of all the hopes and aspirations for 2022 I want Covid to become no more than a nuisance factor and it no longer gets to run roughshod over our lives.

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Play resumes

It’s been a little odd without football this Christmas week. Yet, it does look like we will be back in action on Saturday.

Jacko talked today of a decent sized group of players to pick from, but the unknown is which players are suffering Covid after-effects and have had none or little training due to isolation. It will certainly be hard to guess the line-up.

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East Coast, West Coast

Back home indoors after almost a month away in the United States. The dog was ignoring me, but we rekindled a little on our morning walk earlier.

It was pretty restorative being away from this small isle for the past 4 weeks, travelling East Coast to West, and back again. When I left at the beginning of December Covid was in the rear view mirror and now it is back in the front seat. California and Florida have a complete different mindset when it comes to the pandemic, and one could easily see that after spending time in both States.

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Gills game also off

The Gillingham home game at The Valley on Wednesday has also been postponed due to Covid cases within the playing squad.

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Boxing Day game called off

The Addicks’ Boxing Day clash at Wimbledon, the nearest we get to a derby these days, has been postponed due to Covid.

Sparrows Lane was closed earlier in the week due to new cases, although even yesterday Charlton were selling additional tickets for Sunday’s game, and Jacko was hopeful that Akin Famewo, Conor Washington and Josh Davison could all return after 7 days of isolation and no symptoms.

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This week?

Unless Jacko signs a contract on Friday, Saturday will be his 58th day and 10th league game as caretaker manager. There’s a been a few additional cup games as well.

Negotiations are clearly happening, but sticking points I presume revolve around control, contract length and salary. Jason Euell is an interesting pawn in proceedings as well.

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Back at The Valley

Good morning Addicks. How are we doing?

What a great feeling it is for Addicks’ fans to be back at The Valley, which other than for the odd Covid trial event, has sat ghost like for the past 17 months. It is been a weird time for everyone but routines will return this afternoon as friends and family gather to wake up this historic football stadium.

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Just back from a little trip to Florida, a couple of days in Miami followed a couple in Fort Lauderdale, just 40 minutes north along the coast, and a place I hadn’t been for 13 years. It had changed significantly, and grown like a sunflower.

Neighbouring towns of Hollywood and Oakwood Park have been engulfed by Fort Lauderdale’s expansion. Once a renowned centre for spring-breakers’ high jinks the dive bar and burger joints had all but disappeared and have been replaced by boutique hotels, upscale apartment buildings and a burgeoning restaurant scene.

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Charlton squad impacted by Covid rise

Nigel Adkins, several members of staff and players were each impacted by Covid last week meaning they had top self-isolate away front the rest of the squad and missed the pre-season run-out at Dartford.

Cases in the UK are surging as it fully opens tomorrow with the Delta variant spreading across Europe and countries arguing over who and who cannot enter.

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Covid in the U.S. rear view mirror

I’m back in Bermuda after our little sojourn to Miami Beach. We stayed just a couple of miles south of Chaplain Towers in Surfide, the site of Thursday’s building collapse tragedy. We drove by it last Monday to have dinner in Bal Harbour, a condo building in a row of non-descript 1980 oceanfront buildings punctuated occasionally by plush hotels.

My heart goes out to every family and friend waiting on news of loved ones 💔

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Roaming Miami

A little bit of a mini break for the next couple of days as we head to Miami later.

Florida has long moved on from the pandemic and apparently visitor numbers are almost back to pre-Covid times. Double vaccinated Americans are increasingly moving around the country and I expect Miami Beach to be busy.

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No pub for me

Just as my son was, and I hope many of you were, tucking into a nice cold pint in the cold outside your favourite boozer, here in Bermuda we were entering a shelter in place order meaning we cannot leave our homes unless it is for essential services such as grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors, covid testing and vaccines.

We can exercise for an hour only within 1km of our homes, but only in two’s. Never understood that, when you can all sit in the kitchen indoors.

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