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Solly the biggest let down of all

Whereas Lyle Taylor is never slow in publicly making his feelings clear, sensibly or non-sensical, Chris Solly throughout his career has always kept one’s counsel.

Lost in the hand wringing and abomination of Taylor’s decision not to play for us again, Solly slunk away to a quiet corner after making his even more improbable choice.

Solly is club captain, has served Charlton man and boy, and equally has been very well looked after through career threatening injuries. He held the play—off trophy aloft in Wembley’s royal box a year ago and this is his testimonial season where supporters with a lot less than him have contributed to.

What’s the story then?

Solly’s contract does run out at the end of this month, but so does that of nine other players. Protecting his injury has been a continuum for many seasons now and I will take all of this back if the 29-year old doesn’t want to play for health reasons protecting he and his family. I’d respect that.

But it is tough to respect Solly not making himself available for the relegation battle that is about to commence if it for selfish reasons. What does that say to your team mates, boss and thousands of fans that have followed your career for a very long time?

Sure, he lost his right-back berth to Adam Matthews at the turn of the year, but he is a more than capable back up and his experience around the squad vital.

Again, if this is Covid related, then Solly’s decision is completely understood, but if this is securing a summer move away from his boyhood club in his testimonial year then it leaves an utterly bad taste.

If Taylor’s decision was a stab to the heart, then Solly’s has punctured the soul.

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  1. Alan Oakes #

    So if it is true that reports say he was at the game yesterday, then it is not for Covid 19 reasons. On the other hand, if he doesn’t believe in his ability to last a few games after 2 plus months off , what club would want to sign a player that believes he can’t last more than a few weeks…he is basically telling clubs sign me for a few weeks so I can get a paycheck before not being able to play weekly or for months at a time.

    Taylor also has had long injury issues both these last two seasons so he is not sending a good message either and both are surely showing there would b be no loyalty to any team they join.

    June 7, 2020
    • Solly’s a big Arsenal fan, maybe that’s why he was there?

      June 7, 2020
  2. MJB #

    Anybody who attends Valley games will tell you it is obvious that Solly has been struggling with a serious leg or knee injury for most of the season. He has been noticeably limping and is not often selected for 2 games in a row.
    It is obvious that unless a breakthrough can be made with his injury he is unlikely to be able to play regularly at any level. Perhaps he feels that he really needs to give his injury some time to heal.

    June 7, 2020
  3. greg brown #

    Bowyer should pick Taylor and Solly for the next matchday squad and providing it is before 30th June and they refuse to play on the day,the club should sue them both for breach of contract.

    June 8, 2020
  4. Shadow Play #

    Maybe there’s something we don’t know going on, was Solly shafted by the club in some way and this is his response? If he’s out of contract then presumably he has been in negotiations or has the club they told him flatly that he’s on his way out regardless? Or is he sitting on a new contract with another club but with the stipulation that he has to turn up fit? The thing is with his knee issues he won’t be going upwards, at best he’ll be signing for another Charlton, most likely it’ll be down a level.

    It is though unlike Solly, he’s been a club loyalist and know of no stories of him throwing his toys out the pram over previous contract talks. I could accept it if we were in mid-table mediocrity and not at risk of either relagation or promotion, but we aren’t, we need the points and therefore we need every available player. Either way he’s out in a few weeks sadly he’s trashed his reputation which will take a further dive if we get relegated.

    June 9, 2020

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