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Roaming Miami

A little bit of a mini break for the next couple of days as we head to Miami later.

Florida has long moved on from the pandemic and apparently visitor numbers are almost back to pre-Covid times. Double vaccinated Americans are increasingly moving around the country and I expect Miami Beach to be busy.

Incredulously Miami’s economic growth spurt has continued to prosper despite over a year of inertia. New hotel construction never stopped with 14 openings planned for the 2021, with double the room capacity of 2019. Lots of new restaurants to find too.

We plan to not do an awful lot whilst we are there, although this place is booked for Father’s Day.

On Tuesday my daughter flies to the Bahamas with her swim team and my chaperon-other-half to take part in a swim meet. Spectators are not allowed unfortunately, although the other half will help officiate. So I will return home via Charlotte, North Carolina where I have to spend the night.

Bermuda to Miami was a year-round daily flight but at the moment there is only a single weekly trip as Bermuda continues to make travelling in and out of the island burdensome.

I will have to have six PCR tests for this solitary long weekend trip even though I am double vaccinated. Irritating to organize, time-consuming and expensive. From next week though all unvaccinated arrivals to Bermuda, resident or visitor, will be packed off to ‘government accommodation’ for 14 days of quarantine at their own expense.

For me I can arrive back, wait on a negative arrival test result and be free to roam, and now can go straight back to the office.

Anyway we are looking forward to roaming around Miami later for a different view of the world.

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