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Shed life

It’s the baby-faced-other-half’s big birthday tomorrow. Don’t tell her I told you.

She got back from a quick trip to Sarasota today. I have her locked in the shed quarantining. Our Premier has taken a leaf out of Boris’ rule book and our guidelines are now as equally as confusing and they can’t find time or be bothered to update the government website. We think double shot vacinated, post two weeks, still means ‘mobile quarantining’ until you get your Bermuda arrival test result. The shed is comfy I just told her when I left a bag of mini-eggs outside her door.

We are in a quasi tier 2 lockdown in Bermuda. Our cases have sky-rocketed due to local transmission of the ‘UK variant.’ We’ve gone from just 4 total active cases a month ago to close to 700 with 22 in hospital and 5 in intensive care as of yesterday. Sadly two died over the weekend as the island goes into a spin, this despite a large rollout of vaccinations. For those at least, that will have one, which is part of the challenge.

In another blow to the island, the CDC has adjusted Bermuda’s status from Level 2, moderate, to Level 4, its highest designation advising avoiding all travel to the island.

Still we are able to go out and we will spend the other-half’s birthday having a mini-staycation in a hotel, where as residents we can still eat and wander it’s environs. Not quite the round the world trip she envisioned, but at least we have each other and we will have some fun, a few drinks and some relaxation.

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