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A time for heroes

A clean slate for Lee Bowyer’s squad this weekend. Forgotten are those not wanting to play and those that were injured pre-lockdown. Also forgotten is how bloody awful we were leading into that Hull game in March. Much worse than we were during that injury torn winless run leading up to Christmas.

We had won three and taken a couple of good draws after the new year, but three defeats in a row precluded the suspension of fixtures and worryingly players started to lack bravery and their distinctive fight for a challenge. Yet unknowingly to fans behind the scenes all hell was about to break loose, and the farcical and damaging slinging match has dominated the club’s headlines since without a ball being kicked.

But all that is in the past as we head to the KCOM stadium this weekend for the restart of The Championship and now it is a time for heroes.

Sam Field is back, who I really liked the look off previously, Darren Pratley’s engine will have had a good rest, Macauley Bonne will want to continue his dream first season, Lewis Page is fit, as is the adaptable Jake Forster Caskey.

We know in each of these nine games we need every player 100%. Special reliance on Dillon Phillips, Tom Lockyer, Josh Cullen and Jonny Williams.

But what a time for a hero. Tomer Hemed 7-goals for QPR last season, not even had a near miss thus far. Chuks Aneke, just one goal in an injury strewn season to date. Aiden McGeady with so much to prove. Ehrun Oztumer. Naby Sarr, Alfie Doughty….

The time for heroes and bravery and fight starts on Saturday.

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  1. Vito #

    Well said mate

    June 18, 2020
  2. Shadow Play #

    Yep, a whole new season in a season and the teams that do best from here on will be those that are mentally fit and prepared.

    Perhaps knowing what we know now that the downturn in form running up to the lockdown can be understood. Maybe, and sorry if I’m being callous given what has happened, the break came at the right time. Had there been no lockdown and with a breakdown in the relations between the owners we could have slipped into relegation. Those two jokers have now gone.

    As a club we have generally been resilient in these situations – think of the play-off wins over the years and that suggests a bit of toughness and Bow has generally preferred players with a bit of mental toughness in their make-up.

    We can do this – normally I’d point out that we fans would have a part to play but with empty stadia that isn’t going to be the case.

    June 18, 2020

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