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Charlton furlough staff

Hardly surprising considering the economic state of everything, let alone league football clubs.

The management of the club, whoever that maybe these days will also not be topping up the 20%. Staff include both those in back offices and medical departments.

Many, many businesses are using the government furlough scheme to protect jobs and save making them redundant, and I don’t know why any company would’t take advantage in these unprecedented times.

These loyal members of staff are not paid large ‘football’ salaries, maybe annually the cost a running of about a third of a Land Rover….

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  1. Chris #

    Now is the time for the owners to back ALL the loyal staff and top up the missing 20% of salaries….I understand furloughing at this time but come on do your duty to your loyal staff Nimer !!!!!

    April 17, 2020
  2. Rick Weeks #

    Fat chance of that Chris..

    April 17, 2020

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