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The final day

Although it’s not is it, although whether it’s the start or the middle, no one knows.

It would have been the final game of the season today. Elland Road hosting noisy and anxious hopes, dreams and tears. The final of nine games now suspended.

Whilst leagues in France, Belgium and the Netherlands are scrubbed, and with news that three Cologne players have tested positive for Covid-19, the re-starting of the Bundesliga is delayed for at lease a further week. Yet, still the English Premier League carries hopes that it will get restarted as soon as June 8th.

There was talk this past week of all games being played at St Georges Park behind closed doors, each televised, over a period of six weeks. Players will stay locally and will be quarantined away from families.

Seems very far-fetched but the pressure to finish the season for financial reasons and, let’s be honest, to give Liverpool the title seemingly overrides all health risks. There’s so many questions that even my tired and isolated mind has, yet alone those from scientists to the footballers themselves.

Also, last week Bristol Rovers’ PFA representative Alex Rodman saw his What’s App message leaked which had him carefully explaining to team mates that the EFL leagues will probably be cancelled. Whereas the EPL seem intent of crashing through barriers, those in the levels below them are too great, or too real.

Problems surrounding extending players contracts and how that impacts club’s finances, let alone the sheer enormity of how many games still need to be played. Then add in the logistics surrounding venues and social distancing and consider the continuous testing of players that will run into the tens of thousands, when many others should be way ahead in the queue.

Rodman suggested that the top three clubs will be promoted, with no relegations. The leagues would then re-adjust next season, whenever that will be, but almost certainly without fans until after the new year.

Even though at the moment hours seem like days, and days‘ weeks, we will I assume know what the future holds for the rest of this season soon enough.

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  1. Grumpy Hotelier #

    Its all about money. Nothing else. Sky and overseas broadcasters have been sold short and they want what they’ve paid for. The EPL don’t seem to want to do a deal as they are greedy bastards, the clubs don’t want to take a cut in their payments as they have ridiculous wages to pay and most of the players and their agents are no more than mercenaries so they don’t want to reduce their salaries and then we have advertisers, shirt sponsors and many more.

    If all parties were to offer something then this situation could be resolved. The EPL should be brokering this, not risking peoples health by trying to restart the season at all costs. I’ve hardly met a single person that is at all bothered about football right now. Give Liverpool the title, average out the points of any team that have played fewer games and give reduced prize money based on this. No relegation. Simple!

    May 2, 2020

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