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No pub for me

Just as my son was, and I hope many of you were, tucking into a nice cold pint in the cold outside your favourite boozer, here in Bermuda we were entering a shelter in place order meaning we cannot leave our homes unless it is for essential services such as grocery stores, pharmacies, doctors, covid testing and vaccines.

We can exercise for an hour only within 1km of our homes, but only in two’s. Never understood that, when you can all sit in the kitchen indoors.

Other than that it is a full on curfew for a week initially as the government imposes this circle breaker to try to affect the hundreds of positive tests on the island, almost entirely caused by local transmission and to try to arrest rising hospital numbers.

These numbers in ICU will I am sure keep rising on a curve catching up with the almost 859 active cases, which will put untold strain on our one hospital. That active case number was less than ten a month ago.

It’s hard to feel sorry for me I know because we’ve been lucky to live a normal ‘Covid adjusted’ life here on the rock since the middle of last summer, save for certain restrictions and curfews. That’s until now.

The Premier is insistent that the island’s airport remains open this time and he also bangs the come to Bermuda tourism drum. We’ll see how that works out. The island also has the world’s best sailors here waiting to compete in the SailGP race. Not sure how you do that in your kitchen.

It won’t beat a proper pint, but I did manage to get my wine order in this morning. It should last the week….

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  1. Now that sounds confusing. We in England ( I live in Charlton and am anAddick of course) have a government who is constantly accused of giving out wrong messages about everything to do with this Virus. It can certainly be. I am sympathetic with what you are saying, but having said this, I’m sure as confusing your life sounds at this moment in time, things do get better with everyone keeping the faith. What sounds total mind blowing at the moment will in due course level out.

    April 13, 2021
    • Hi Michael – I have supported the government here on the Covid measures. They were quick to close borders and shut the place down last summer, and it worked allowing us a pretty normal life as long as you adhered to restrictions.. mask wearing, curfew etc. However, they now seem to be struggling with local transmissions caused by people not obeying the rules and the ‘UK variant’ a much more potent strain. This needs a different approach, not seen it yet.

      April 15, 2021
  2. Ken Jennings #

    Seems to me, the politicians need to sh*t or get off the pot. On one hand, closing everything down again, while on the other, allowing tourists and travelers to flock to the Island.
    I live on an island and compared to what I have been reading, we have got off really lightly, in terms of restrictions. With appropriate spacing protocols, we have been able to enjoy our pubs and restaurants, as well as clubhouses at the golf courses and other recreational areas. Now, as you are, we are being shut in again, while the Resort hotel and motel car parks are full and the campgrounds are jammed to capacity.
    Now suddenly, there are all these increased Covid cases. It ain’t the locals that are causing this. Someone had to bring it here.
    The health officer loudly proclaims: ‘Covid travels’ So I have to ask why all these folks have been allowed to ‘travel’ to our island under these circumstances.
    Someone in charge needs to make their mind up about priorities.

    April 13, 2021
    • Hi Ken, hope you are well. Ours is the local’s, we have hardly any tourists here. Are they not mandating vaccines, testing and quarantining for tourists?

      April 15, 2021

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