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Released list

I know some of you have good intelligence on Charlton’s young players so I’m interested in feedback on those released by the club this week.

Sadly Covid and the financial crisis around football clubs will make it even harder for some these young men to bounce back into the game, yet being a younger, hungrier and cheaper option than those at the twilight of their career may be beneficial as clubs lower down the ladder are more likely to fill their squads with cheaper rough diamonds than polished stones.

These U23’s have left the club following the expiration of their contracts with Charlton:

Kareem Isiaka
Sam Keefe
Taylor Maloney
Wilberforce Ocran
Abraham Odoh
Toby Stevenson
Kenneth Yao

The headline writers will be devastated to see Wilberforce Ocran leave, but the most recognizable name on that list is Toby Stephenson, who will be a Charlton trivia question for years to come. I’m led to believe that the 20-year old defender lacks strength and pace, despite his eye for goal.

The Addicks did take up one-year options on the following:

Charles Clayden
Ben Dempsey
Nathan Harness
Jay Mingi
Joseph Osaghae
Johl Powell
Luca Vega
James Vennings

Both Wassim Aouchria and Armando Junior Quitirna signed new one-year contracts with a one-year option.

Vennings and Dempsey were first teamers during our huge injury troubles. Both made four appearances, and were regulars on the bench between November and January. Osaghae and Harness are goalkeepers, Vega and Mingi are both centre-backs and Powell plays in midfield. Strong Charlton name that. Clayden is a pacy striker.

French Algerian Wassim Aouachria is on his way back from a long term injury and I think Quitirna is a winger.

Finally the following players have all signed pro contracts:

Richard Afrane-Kesey
Kasim Aidoo
Freddie Barton
Billy French
Nathan Harvey

Amongst this story was that Manchester City loanee Matt Smith has left us. Unfortunately Smith appeared a bit of a booby prize at Matt Southall’s transfer window charade. With Sam Field back Bowyer I am sure felt he had no need for the Welsh international. Smith’s only best moment was being a 2nd half substitute in our win at the City Ground. He played 45 minutes at home to Blackburn as well.

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  1. rierti #

    Clayden is a winger who scores the odd goal and has also featured as a left wing back definitely not a striker, possibly would benefit playing left rather than right wing (we tend to play wingers on the wrong foot too much). Quitirna is a mid field player rather than a winger. Dempsey Vennings hopefully should progress having made their debuts this season. Harness looks a very sound goalkeeper and Powell shows promise after catching up from a serious injury suffered a couple of seasons ago. Vega and Mingi are both promising central defenders but both suffered injuries this season which kept them out for over 3 months. Aouacharia suffered an ACL injury in pre season 12 months ago so has not played this season, when he played last year he looked technically good but needs to sharpen up his pace and get more involved.
    Stephenson was taken on by the Academy as a central defender but always seemed to feature as a left full back in the U23s. Probably best suited to play left side of a back three, should find a home in Div2 or National League. Maloney and Yao are of similar standard and again Div2 or NL may suit. The other players released are probably of lower non league standard.
    No news on Sarpong Wiredu who started the season well but failed to impress as the season progressed.

    July 4, 2020
    • rierti #

      I thought that was probably the case he will probably be loaned out to lower league club for season- his attitude is not right which is a shame as he has ability.

      July 4, 2020
  2. Seem to remember the same thing happening to Josh Wright and Harry Arter when we couldn’t afford to give them contracts – didnt do them any harm did it. !!

    July 6, 2020

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