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Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day Dads.

Sadly for me it will be another day isolating in the bedroom struggling with Covid, so I get to enjoy the lazy-do-nothing-all-day vibe but with no one to share it with, although the dog does come down and visit me occasionally.

I am pretty surprised that I’ve not had it before, I guess I was due, but wow has it knocked me sideways. I slept for pretty much three days from last Sunday and ached like I’ve never ached before with an excruciating headache for days. I’ve not had any of the other symptoms though, but only this weekend have I stated to feel better, albeit still very weak.

Friends had told me that the lingering effects are the fatigue, so still a fair way to climb back I expect until full fitness.

Lying low is not something I do particularly well, so I’m happy at least to entertain that. I had seriously been burning the candle at both ends with work maddening and stressful. So, laying in bed all week has at least allowed me to focus on what is really essential.

I hope the rest of you Dad’s get to enjoy your day. Make the most of being spoilt.

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  1. Rob Veasey #

    Get well soon mate. Absolutely love your posts it’s No.1 for me!
    Rob from a very hot Cyprus 😎

    June 19, 2022
  2. Thank you Rob.

    June 19, 2022
  3. LP #

    You and me both CA. Tested pos for the first time this morning. Not as bad as you, but then you are a man. This lazing in bed isn’t all bad is it? What we need to cheer us up is a few good signings and no more negative comments from fellow fans.
    Heard an expert saying that if you haven’t had covid by now you can’t have many friends! So we are ok.
    Keep resting. X

    June 20, 2022
    • This was worse than man flu LP.

      New signing #1 in the books. I may just ring the bell to get my dinner brought in 😄

      June 20, 2022

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