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What a week. What happens next?

What an extraordinary week, unprecedented since the war years, or possibly 9/11 and 7/7, in my lifetime. The week moved quickly didn’t it. The Coronavirus moving across the world like a tidal wave, changing the way we live our lives almost instantly.

Then we just shake our heads at the farcical but possibly ruinous saga going on at Charlton. From whispers to chaos to realization in the space of a week.

The world’s markets crashed taking savings and pensions with them. Then this week I had my own personal work development, which will be transformational and unsettling at the same time.

Brexit…. All is forgiven.

So, what did you do yesterday? Welling had a bumper crowd as some including my brother and Dave got their football fix at Park View Road. Others joked, at least I think, that they re-engaged with spouses remembering names and that they actually got along. What is true is self-isolation is bloody boring without any sport on the box. Help is here with an old movies thread on Charlton Life.

Suspending the season was the absolute right thing to do, and I have to assume the National League may follow this week as we all consider our health, and families and our movements and interactions.

What happens to the football season is anyone’s guess, but no way does it start again in earnest at the start of April. Yet, scientists and experts could point to a stage when it will once again be safe to reintroduce live sporting events. That may not be until the end of May.

The season has to be completed and that should be the number one priority. Move the Euro’s to next summer, many teams haven’t even qualified yet, and maybe reverse the crackpot decision to have it spread around the continent.

Next year’s league, cup and European competitions can wait. Work now on a plan for fixtures, players contracts, loan deal extensions and a calendar to finish this season first before the lawyers make out like bandits.

The other options of just freezing the league at this moment in time, or just having teams promoted and not relegated, not using play-off’s, counting points only gained from teams playing each other once, or promoting any team that begins with Char 😁 all sound too simple, too complicated or both.

As for our war-torn football club it reminds me of a kid stomping through a giant jigsaw puzzle where little pieces were starting to form a very pleasing picture. Now, pieces are scattered all over the floor, the final picture in a thousands pieces.

Matt Southall appears gone. Removed by the majority shareholder Tahnoon Nimer. Jonathan Heller, always an oddball at the party who didn’t quite fit in, also out. Even though Heller is a supposed insider of ADBD.

Thankfully Mick Everett, Tracey Leaburn and Olly Groome are all back in place. Southall through some masked social media supporters has been throwing barbs out there trying to bring down Nimer with him. But Southall is history, at least as far as Charlton are concerned.

He can go back to his couple hundred Twitter followers and his games of deception. There will be legal proceedings for sure, undoubtably Southall will walk away with some money, maybe a Range Rover, and can work on his next duplicitous fantasy.

Meanwhile I don’t trust Nimer as far as I could throw him, but he has our attention, some assets, and possibly a heart. We’ll have to see.

For sure, with no revenues coming through the door, we need financing and the EFL need satisfying. More importantly Addicks, Lee Bowyer and the players all need an arm around us and some guarantees.

It could be another fast moving week.

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  1. Shadow Play #

    Yep, what a week.

    What was once a boring, middle of the table club has had more drama thrown at it than a soap opera. My take – Southall is all but gone, he appears to have been suspended pending being formally sacked. The problem is the 35% he owns – but I can’t see where he goes from here, if he clings on to that and rebuffs all legal challenges he could end up with 35% of a club in receivership, in addition he has no funds that I can see so my hope is an outbreaking of common sense by him and that he sells his stake while it’s worth something. He hasn’t got the money to fight off several long legal challenges so I think he’ll take a deal if its right. You might say screw him – he invested nothing, but it will take a lot of money to go through the courts.

    Then we have to see what Nimer is made of – frankly I’ve had enough of promises and words as I’m sure we all have. But he’s our only hope at the moment, to be fair he could have walked away by now and for good, after all that’s what he seemed to be doing last Monday night but he didn’t. However I wouldn’t be surprised if we get an instagram post announcing his departure. With the virus, the suspension of football and other business interests he simply may not want the hassle and if that’s his attitude then I wouldn’t blame him. If so then it depends what other offers are out there – the virus/suspension and stock market crash might dissuade other investors and strong rumours suggest that while there are one or two other parties out there I dubt that they will pay the money that Roland wants and ESI were promising. Will he be prepared to cut his asking price? That could determine our future. I can’t see what he’s going to do with the Valley otherwise. So he might have to.

    All things considered we are living in interesting times. Stay safe CA and everyone.

    March 15, 2020
    • Thanks Shadow. Always appreciate your comments. Stay safe.

      March 15, 2020

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