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My Top Five 2021 Bermuda Things

🔝5️⃣ Two more of these Top Five’s to share. Bermuda is like no other place in the World in so many different ways. It’s is peculiar and beautiful in equal measures.

Living on this tiny 21 square mile isle we have been mostly fortunate compared to others during Covid times, as life has generally been normal(ish), although the island felt even more isolated due to the lack of visitors.

There’s still much to like however, and these were my 2021 Top Five Favourite Bermuda Things 🏝

1️⃣ Bermuda Government Covid Press Conferences

Bermuda doesn’t have much of their own TV programming aside from a nightly news show and some tourism documentaries on loop, but the Bermuda Government press conferences that were at one stage every night were the funniest things on the box. Totally amateurish and aided and abetted by the most idiotic questioning from local reporters. I will miss those.

2️⃣ Curfew

For almost the entire period of Covid we’ve been living under a curfew on the island. It has been as early as 8pm, and the time has changed frequently, the most recent being 12.30am. However, I loved the curfew because it meant you had to go home, and were able to kick people out of your house without being rude.

3️⃣ Island Time Sail Boat

This is a great little company that operate private sailboat charters. Two informative and fun captains who will serve you drinks and food to make it the most laziest of days. The boat also has a myriad of water based activities and games too if you’re bored of lazing under the sails.

4️⃣ Huckleberry Restaurant

I used this place a lot and the food is excellent. It has the look and feel of a stately Bermudian manor. The setting is perfect for a restaurant, with it’s welcoming veranda and landscaped gardens. Happy Hour is well worth a visit.

5️⃣ Point House

The newest and most high-tech building in Bermuda opened during 2021, and my company moved into it in November and after working from home it reminds me of why I always wanted to work as part of a team in an office. The downstairs French boulangerie on the ground floor sells freshly baked goods and coffee. Very handy.

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  1. Steve #

    Mate what a life you live
    When we have a sh1t day in SE7 I’m stuck in the Blackwall tunnel headed for Herts whilst you….
    Anyway happy days, visiting Bermuda is in my bucket list I’ll make it there one day 👍

    February 6, 2022
    • Let me know when you book your ticket I will buy you a beer 🍺 🙂.Take care Steve.

      February 6, 2022
    • LOL Steve and Chicago Addick nothing changes regarding the infamous Blackwall Tunnel does it and at least you made the game and yes as Chicago Addick (sorry mate did know your first name but temp forgotten)
      Yes, Steve Bermuda I was there from 1973 to 1979 and what a place and if you go you need lots of money indeed and I know people there who have status and one a former policeman lived well over 40 years in this unique country but returned to Scotland as he could not afford to stay there and not work.
      About the same as in Thailand though the cost of living is shooting up but not working here but on a frozen state pension (Have a word Steve please) 550k have this in 150 plus countries(
      COYR and what wonderful tribute to young Ben RIP young man and oh so sad news.

      February 7, 2022
      • I have spent many an hour in the Blackwell Tunnel don’t you fear 😆. It hasn’t got any cheaper John.

        Agree on the tributes to Ben. Heartbreaking for his family and friends, but lovely to see the CAFC family come together.

        February 7, 2022

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