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Paul Elliott has poked his head out of his hole claiming that he is the true owner of East Street Investments (ESI). Tahnoon Nimer has disappeared off the side of the planet as phantasm’s have a habit of doing and Elliott has emerged victorious of owning a company that owns nothing except some really negative Google searches.

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Farnell terminated by the club

I was awake way before the alarm this morning feeling restless. I avoid looking at the phone because I know that is the day starting. But, first glance of the phone and I’m leaping out of bed.

Solicitor Chris Farnell was terminated by Charlton today as ESI v1 wrestle control of the club back from Chris Farnell and Paul Elliott aka ESI v2. Both Farnell and Andrei Mihail were removed as directors of ESI on Friday.

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Go away and leave us alone

The mocking of our great club continued late today when Matt Southall and odd bedfellow Jonathan Heller removed Chris Farnell, Claudiu Florica, Andrei Mihail, Marian Mihail and Tahnoon Nimer from the ESI board of directors.

Yesterday those two muppets changed the address of the company from Floyd Road to an address in Deansgate, Manchester.

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Consortium led by Paul Elliott

Repeat. No, not that one. ⬅️

Consortium (kən-ˈsȯr-sh(ē-)əm) – an agreement, combination, or group (as of companies) formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member

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Pass the parcel

Roll up, roll up. Have I got a deal for you. A nice little number, decent bodywork if you ignore the lumps taken out of it, just a few uncareful owners. Okay more than a few. Take it for a ride…. everyone else has!

Another owner of our club tonight. Well apparently. Who the f knows?

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Can Peter Varney save us?

First yesterday we had what looked like a home made tic-tock video from potential Portuguese bidders called Corporate Football Organisation Portugal. It was hard to take Fernando Corte-Real too seriously as he rolled out the innovative idea of a having a 5-year plan to get into the Premier League from what looked like a furniture shop.

Not a lot online about this lot except it is obviously a collection of investors and according to Corte-Real “experts.”

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Sold? To Bassini? Who the hell knows

It looks as if without putting in one penny of his own money Tahnoon Nimer is close to selling Charlton. Low life Matt Southall, who to be fair, did part with a pound, will also walk away with a bundle of cash.

Rumours that Laurence Bassini is the buyer appear to have been squashed. Thank god. Bassini is Southall’s preferred buyer, the deadbeat attempted to get Bassini to buy Nimer’s ESI shareholding so keeping Southall involved. Thick as thieves is quite an apt idiom.

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Albury Addick summed it up quite nicely yesterday. Stop making excuses Tahnoon Nimer, sh!t or get off the potty. What a nonentity you really are.

A little more social media sparring between Southall (still driving his Range Rover) and Nimer, and all the while young lawyer Marian Mihail attempts to explain it, whilst chucking onto the fire that Southall put in another £2m of invoices…. I refer back to Albury’s post.

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Our very own TV series

Another week. Another week of isolation, and another week of Tahnoon Nimer keeping his hands firmly in his pocket.

Staff got paid at Charlton this week, thankfully, but that money again came out of the current account leftover from the days of Duchatelet and whatever funds have been given to the club by the EFL.

The players have deferred their salaries by 25% to help the continual financing of the club, and non-playing staff were furloughed. Although those operating the website and social media platforms carry on working in earnest. That your Excellency, an oxymoron if ever I saw one, is what you call commitment and responsibility.

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The fight to save our club

Maybe I’ve been locked up indoors too long, but I think the first person I may hug after all this is over is Simon Jordan.

In event times the ex-Palace owner and chairman has stood up for Charlton and it’s supporters more than Richard Murray has done for years. The world has changed, a lot, but who would have thought that in 2006?

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Two days

That is how long the EFL have given Charlton, headed by Nimer Tahnoon, to respond to their investigation of ESI’s takeover of the club in January.

The EFL made the declaration today that they’ve commenced formal investigations to ascertain whether breaches of EFL Regulations and/or other misconduct(s) occurred in relation to the takeover of the club from Roland Duchatelet.

What a mess. ESI bought the club for just a £1 and took on the ongoing liabilities, with an agreement to pay a further £55m to purchase remaining assets including The Valley and Sparrows Lane in the future. ESI said there was a legal obligation do that by June.

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Nimer also looking to cash in

The Evening Standard is reporting that they have sources claiming that Tahnoon Nimer is trying to sell Charlton for as much as £4,000,000. Quite a mark up on the £1 ESI acquired it from Roland Duchatelet.

After on Monday telling fans that he’d “never let us down and that he was ready to inject money and support it,” he’s apparently looking to cash it in without doing anything as far as I can, including still convincing the EFL that he has the funds and credible sourcing.

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Social media spats continue

First of all, and importantly, how are we all doing?

We all have a lot to think and worry about and depending on your frame of mind the childish social media spats between Matt Southall and Tahnoon Nimer have either been a welcome comedy gold distraction or a distasteful embarrassing side-show, especially when the world is going through so much torment.

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Turn for the worse

If at all possible!

Looks as if Tahnoon Nimer has got the access to the Official Site, and following on from last night’s virtual ‘board meeting’ the Syrian has told us he’s removed Southall and Heller and appointed two Romanians to the ESI board. One name we have heard before in recent days Claudiu Florica, cleared on a technicality from a bribery and corruption case when at Microsoft and friend of Nimer. The other board member is sports and aviation lawyer Marian Mihail.

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Another day, more confusion

Like a drunken and beaten heavyweight fighter slumped on the ropes, Matt Southall took to Twitter today in an attempt to lay one last punch. Jonathan Heller, an apparent turncoat, in his corner dabbing Southall’s bruises co-signed the letter on Charlton Athletic headed paper. Not surprisingly the Official Site did not carry the statement.

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