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Social media spats continue

First of all, and importantly, how are we all doing?

We all have a lot to think and worry about and depending on your frame of mind the childish social media spats between Matt Southall and Tahnoon Nimer have either been a welcome comedy gold distraction or a distasteful embarrassing side-show, especially when the world is going through so much torment.

Whatever your view, it does nothing to give us any crumb of comfort around Charlton Athletic’s future or beget any kind of hope or goodwill to either of these conniving characters.

Southall is dead meat. And that is not an analogy of the alleged charge against him. Some of the stuff being dug up about Southall is unimaginable. The cons, the lies, the connections, the treason, the payments. Then the bullshit, but now all taken down as Southall played the old ‘I was hacked routine’ on Twitter this evening. His page now headed with the title of ‘owner, CAFC.’

Owner of some nice, but probably hooky, coats is much more apt.

As for Nimer. It ain’t hard son, stop the teenage brouhaha and come out behind the tangled web that you live in and duly provide funds and commitment beyond words.

Oh, and EFL. Really?

Stay safe everyone.

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