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Albury Addick summed it up quite nicely yesterday. Stop making excuses Tahnoon Nimer, sh!t or get off the potty. What a nonentity you really are.

A little more social media sparring between Southall (still driving his Range Rover) and Nimer, and all the while young lawyer Marian Mihail attempts to explain it, whilst chucking onto the fire that Southall put in another £2m of invoices…. I refer back to Albury’s post.

Last week the EFL confirmed Claudiu Florica had joined Marian Mihail in passing their Owners and Directors Test (ODT). This the same week that Florica was forced to repay the Romanian State Government 10 million Euros according to CAST.

Meanwhile this time next week we should know more about when, how and if football will resume. All the regular permutations keep being thrown up, but Bows still thinks that resuming the season is pretty unlikely. The cost of testing just one of many barriers.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    It was reported in the media that the police seized the two Range Rovers.
    Now we need to have Southall walked out from wherever he operates, in handcuffs!
    Unless they can toss him out of ESI, nothing will move forward, if indeed Nimer is capable of moving anything forward.

    May 10, 2020
  2. confidentialrick #

    So does anyone know if Director Florica has actually repaid the 10 million Euros to the Romanian Government or is this something else to guess at in this new regime of smoke and mirrors. I bet the EFL don’t know.

    May 10, 2020
  3. Shadow Play #

    The Range Rovers were repossessed on behalf of the club by the police – CAST put something on their site that it had something to do with Southall trying to change the V5 logbook.

    I get the impression that plenty is happening, just that we don’t know the details and legal stuff rarely moves quickly. Southall is said to be suing the club for wrongful dismissal, but I would also assume that he is being sued in turn for spaffing nearly £2m up the wall on expensive London apartments, consultancy fees and a fleet of Range Rovers. Eventually he’ll run out of money fighting the legal battles and will be forced to sell his 35% in ESI. Looking at his past employment I doubt that he has that much money and had trouble settling a legal bill of £10K a year ago. In the meantime the club is afloat and paid the wages at the end of April so I can see why Nimer hasn’t put any money in – but the amount of cash in the bank is dwindling and there will be changes made to the furlough scheme today (12th May) which means we are getting close to the put up or shut up day when we find out whether Nimer’s intentions are as honourable as he claims they’ll be. There’s not much else I or anyone else can do but wait. I genuinely can’t fathom out what his game is – if he is another pennyless chancer why didn’t he walk away at the beginning of March when it went pear shaped? Instead he has appointed directors and instigated legal battles. I can’t see that he wants to develop the Valley (that will never happen) and the other suggestions are that he is running the club (or intends to) as some kind of money laundering scam – if so why choose a high profile business like a football club? And speaking of which why acquire a football club that is losing millions? Maybe, just maybe he is kosher after all….

    May 12, 2020

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