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My 2020 Top Five Favourite Places

🔝5️⃣ Happy New Year to you all.

I’ve been doing my annual CA Top Fives for more than a decade, but there has never been a year like 2020.

There were always barriers to travel, whether self made, man made or natural forces, but never before was the world closed to exploration. For the ‘normal person’ anyhow. Who knows what the world looks like after the vaccination seizes control back from the virus and allows us to venture outside again, but all I know is I want to see it, old haunts, favourite spots, new places.

In saying that one of the small positives of being stuck at home in 2020 was more family time, and more time to actually spend with them on our own doorstep. Bermuda is hard not to appreciate, and if I include my home, then I actually can stretch to five places I spent some time in during this pandemic infected year.

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Getting high

Colorado bound and I will be as high as 5,500 feet tonight in the arty district of downtown Denver. Sunday dinner with a client, then a little bit of a lie in before a couple hours drive up the Rocky Mountains to Beaver Creek, which sits at 11,000 feet to embark on a week of skiing work.

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Living the dream

Nestled at 9,000 feet at the bottom of Bachelor Gulch mountain in Colorado is the gigantic dream-like log cabin that is the Ritz Carlton. I’ve been lucky to stay here a number of times and the hotel crowns the mountain range like a Bavarian castle complete with numerous huge log burning fires and a roaming giant St Bernard dog called Bachelor.

I’m no longer a skiier, I was only ever a perennial beginner, and an ACL replacement put paid to my mogul jumping career.

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Mile high

After a journey that took 19 hours I made it to the city of Denver late last night. The steps of the State Capitol building are a mile above sea level giving the town its nickname.

The journey from Bermuda is already a hike, and then I got stuck at Miami airport as our plane was taken out of service due to mechanical reasons and we had to wait for another one, give the crew a break etc, and missed a connection in Dallas, blah blah..

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Up the Creek

Who remembers Up The Creek? I had many a good night there, although didn’t it used to be at the Woolwich Tramshed or was that another comedy club. Anyways my mind is wandering, today I’m off to another Creek, possibly about as dissimilar to the one in Greenwich as you can get, this one is Beaver Creek, a ski resort in Colorado.

I first was in Beaver Creek just over 10 years ago and I reckon this is the x time I stayed at this hotel, which is beautifully set at the foot of Bachelor Gulch, one of the four mountains that makes up the resort.

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Fresh powder

I have been in Colorado since Sunday night at the spotless and snowy Beaver Creek, which is about 13 miles from Vail. 50cm of snow has fallen since we arrived and the four mountains (Beaver Creek, Grouse Peak, Bachelor Gulch and Arrowhead) which make up the resort are awash with fresh powder.

I went on a snowmobile tour yesterday which was exhilarating. Two and a half hours flying along snowy trails hugging mountain ridges and forests with panoramic views of Vail’s back bowls and surrounding ranges. Our guide Perry was straight out of a marijuana dispensary, and was no slouch when it came to leading us through the 20-mile trail.

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2013 Top 5 Favourite Places

I hadn’t gotten around to posting my final 2013 Top 5’s, so I am going to bombard you with the final ones in the next few minutes starting with the best places I got to see last year.
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In a warm Miami this morning after a journey back from a very snowy Colorado yesterday evening.

In the last three days we were in Beaver Creek 36 inches of snow fell, the most at this time of many years. This had caused earlier airport issues with a bountiful of cancellations and the tiny Eagle airport near Vail was stretched to breaking point yesterday, as was my patience.

Our flight had a weight problem, so they had to throw a few fatties off and some luggage which caused a lot of consternation and an hour delay all the while after I had to push a wheelchair, carry 7 bags, and herd a 4-year old.
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Up the Creek

We flew to Miami this morning and have had a stop-over day in nearby Coral Gables before we set off for a week’s skiing in Colorado tomorrow morning.

We are staying in Beaver Creek, near Vail, our 3rd time at the same hotel. We had decided that a skiing holiday wasn’t going to happen this year for one way or another so a corporate invite a couple of months ago was a very welcome surprise, especially to a hotel we love and a village that has a welcome sign up exclaiming: “Not exactly roughing it!”
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A week away

After a manic, and an often wearing March at work we leave Bermuda tomorrow for a week away spending the first weekend in Coral Gables, near Miami and then next week in Colorado followed by the majority of the next weekend making our way back from the mountains to Bermuda, not something the airlines allow us to do simply.

As I posted last weekend we have tickets for the Sony Ericsson Open tennis men’s final on Sunday afternoon. In today’s semi’s Rafa Nadal plays Andy Murray and number one seed Novak Djokovic is paired with the 21st seed Argentinian Juan Monaco.
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