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My 2020 Top Five Favourite Places

🔝5️⃣ Happy New Year to you all.

I’ve been doing my annual CA Top Fives for more than a decade, but there has never been a year like 2020.

There were always barriers to travel, whether self made, man made or natural forces, but never before was the world closed to exploration. For the ‘normal person’ anyhow. Who knows what the world looks like after the vaccination seizes control back from the virus and allows us to venture outside again, but all I know is I want to see it, old haunts, favourite spots, new places.

In saying that one of the small positives of being stuck at home in 2020 was more family time, and more time to actually spend with them on our own doorstep. Bermuda is hard not to appreciate, and if I include my home, then I actually can stretch to five places I spent some time in during this pandemic infected year.

Here are My 2020 Top Five Favourite Places:

1️⃣ Bermuda
12 years we have lived on this 21 sq. mile island, but I don’t think I was rarely here for longer than a month at a time. That all changed when the airport closed and for long chunks of the summer we were under strict lockdown rules, but if we didn’t already appreciate how lucky we were to live here, being ‘stuck’ here defintely did.

2️⃣ Sarasota, Florida
We bought a house here 4 years ago, and for most of that time we’ve been renovating it. That project would not be on any Top Five list, but during that time we’ve become very seduced by Sarasota’s charms.

3️⃣ Beaver Creek, Colorado
I’ve been going to this ski resort since 2007. The town’s tag line is still ‘not exactly roughing it’ and it’s beautification has remained. I was there in January *cough, cough* working. Unfortunately that dastardly virus will stop me going again this month.

4️⃣ South Beach, Florida
I’ve always been a big South Beach fan, although I’m now more of an, er, connoisseur of its architecture and museums than its many other seductions. My one day and night here in mid-February was my last day off island until very recently.

5️⃣ Denver, Colorado
The steps of the State Capitol building are a mile above sea level giving the city its nickname, and I was here in January for only a day, but crammed in a fair bit of walking around in Denver’s fresh air. I stayed in the revitalized art district, and Denver has much new to admire if you haven’t visited for a while

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  1. Lee Harrison #

    Hope to get out to Bermuda one day….will have to speak to a couple of our Tour Operator friends nicely when we,re all back travelling again…..another booking to India to cancel this week for one of our clients…..breaks my heart how much we,ve refunded….and Clients who had saved up for years not getting to visit their bucket list destinations such as India….Happy New Year CA and all Addickted.

    January 1, 2021
    • Mate
      You obviously didn’t get around to visiting my lovely Surrey Hills, saying that, during these lockdown periods you are probably the only person who hasn’t.
      I’ve got a big mate of mine ( Bristol City fan) lives in a beautiful house on the beach at Sarasota. I like it there too
      Also agree with you on South Beach – really fun venue – some of the entertainment is well …hot

      Onwards and upwards in 2021

      January 1, 2021
      • Never been invited AA 😄. Maybe we’ll have that pint in Sarasota and you can give me some horse tips. All the best for a better 2021 to you and your family mate.

        January 1, 2021
    • Happy New Year Lee. I know of many a big anniversary or big birthday or bucket list trip that got scrubbed. Been a horrible year for the travel business. The best of luck for 2021.

      January 1, 2021

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