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In a warm Miami this morning after a journey back from a very snowy Colorado yesterday evening.

In the last three days we were in Beaver Creek 36 inches of snow fell, the most at this time of many years. This had caused earlier airport issues with a bountiful of cancellations and the tiny Eagle airport near Vail was stretched to breaking point yesterday, as was my patience.

Our flight had a weight problem, so they had to throw a few fatties off and some luggage which caused a lot of consternation and an hour delay all the while after I had to push a wheelchair, carry 7 bags, and herd a 4-year old.

The day before, when skiing, my swashbuckling other half had taken an unusual tumble – she is a very competent skier – on her final run, on the final day, a common occurrence. After a hot bath (bad mistake) she couldn’t walk, so we had to get the alpine doctor out who diagnosed a sprained ankle ligament.

She has now got her ankle strapped and I am earning more brownie points than you can shake a ruddy big stick at.

The only problem is I am in Miami to work. I was also working last week in Colorado, but this is actually real work, if you get my drift. I am at our work’s annual Symposium, and my days start at 7am and end when I finally get to bed.

The one legged other half and our daughter decided to join me for this second leg of the trip and at least for the next few days, they may have to occupy themselves with the pool (daughter) and a mojito (other half).

Skiing was good, the huge snowfall creating many challenges on the slopes though, but most days were quite mild (temp), with glorious blue skies and I love that contrast with Bermuda.

South Beach is a whole different contrast, and I am glad to be back at sea level as I did struggle with the altitude, the hotel we stayed at in Bachelor Gulch was at 9,000 feet.

As always for this week my South Beach action will be restricted to being inside conference rooms, restaurants and bars, starting tonight at a Super Bowl party in Fado, a pub which reminds me of watching Charlton games in one of it’s sister locations in Chicago many years ago.

As I’ve just come from there and they remind me of my youth, I’m going to go with the Denver Broncos to beat Seattle Seahawks in what will be the coldest Super Bowl in history.

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  1. Geoff #

    Noting that SuperBowl forecast, please resist forecasting CAFC results.

    February 3, 2014
    • Haha, it was horrible game wasn’t it. Proper blow out.

      February 3, 2014
  2. David #

    Any update on our recommendations for Chicago please?

    February 7, 2014

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