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EFL turn down Elliott and Farnell

You close your eyes for an afternoon, or in my case took a leisurely WiFi free lunch and all Charlton hell breaks loose. I’ll try to piece it together.

On the face of it there was only more concern for Addicks yesterday after the EFL failed ESI v2 as being qualified owners and directors. That in itself is quite an achievement. Three individuals were denied – Chris Farnell, Paul Elliott and Andrei Mihail, the brother of Marian.

At the same time Charlton fans burst into Chris Farnell’s company offices in Hale, Cheshire to confront the lawyer (photo), who happened to be sat with ex-manager Dave Jones. Rumours later circulated that Farnell was trying to replace Steve Gallen with Jones.

Jones was also involved at Bury.

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What happens today?

Roland Duchatelet has typed or dictated some scatterbrained old tosh in the past, but yesterday’s beats the lot.

As always blaming everybody and everything other than himself. The man has no shame. Dragging into public consumption details of salaries and negotiations is utterly disgusting. He trashes other clubs and their owners because as we know only Roland has the plan for a sustainable and successful football club.

Duchatelet has dealt with agents broadly since he and Katrien Meire were in charge of the club. We had the third highest agent fees in League One in 2018 and in two seasons RD lined agents pockets to the tune of over £1m. So why the dig at Lee having a representative? The poor bloke has had to deal with Duchatelet’s representative Lievan de Turck for ages. Conflict of interests my arse.

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Fakeover update

There was a Fans Forum meeting last week. Lievan de Turck (LdT) was again in SE7 full of apologies and shrugs.

This time though Ben Hayes from Bromley Addicks led a much stronger range of questioning of Duchatelet’s puppet and there was some interesting ripostes. CL notes from here and CAFC here.

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Another wow moment

As sure as night follows day, you prod the old yellow-teethed loon and sure enough he reacts. On Tuesday after his property was daubed with graffiti he called into TalkSport and after getting put back in his box by Simon Jordan, he yesterday reverted back to his favourite tool of one-way communication and wrote another mind-boggling statement himself on the club’s website.

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Duchatelet mouthpiece Lieven de Turck gave us a takeover update during the week. I don’t know about you but we have very little paper in our office, but the Aussies are cutting down trees as quick as you can say Yvonne Goolagong.

It sounds to me that this is now practically a completely different group. Anyway, fueled by Castlemaine XXXX and a lot of paper the Aussies are still hopeful. In your time Bruce, in your own time.

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Addicks and Blackpool fans join forces

Charlton and our friends from Blackpool joined forces today to protest against not just our irresponsible owners, but the many others, outside the EFL offices in west London today. Meanwhile northern based Addicks and a large contingent of Blackpool fans gathered outside the EFL HQ in Preston and loudly made their presence known.

The protests were heavily picked up by the national media as well as Sky Sports and a large crowd made their feelings loud and clear. Two Addicks got to meet EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey, and after, one of them Alan Davis, said that Harvey confirmed the delay in the ‘Australian takeover’ is not as a result of any lack of process of documentation at the EFL. This the reason that Duchatelet, de Turck and Murray have all publicly stated as the reason any takeover has not yet happened.

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Fawaz Al-Hasawi

When my Dad convinced me that watching Andy Nelson’s 1974 Charlton was like watching Rinus Michels 1974 Netherlands team, I knew I was in for life of disappointment.

With the Aussies seemingly back on the boat down under, captured on camera today being shown around The Valley by Duchatelet’s latest bag man, Lievan de Turck was ex-Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al Hasawi and his right hand man Hassan Saef, basically what Meire was to Duchatelet. The photo on Twitter taken by Saef got deleted as Addicks fans went into meltdown and Forest fans scared the living day lights out of us.

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Injuries happen

Three on Saturday against Wycombe. Nothing too serious but we are going to be without Darren Pratley for 2-3 weeks, Nicky Ajose probably this weekend and Krystian Bielik for a fortnight.

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{…} Strikes again

Dear Tom, I am sure you are a bright fellow. Ambitious, resourceful and proud. But tomorrow morning take a long good look at yourself in the mirror.

Tuesday, and Lievan de Turck, a Roland apologist with no affiliation or official connection to Charlton whatsoever, rocks up to SE7 with a scrappy piece of paper handwritten in Flemish. Ollie Groome makes a quick back exit for the Valley Cafe. Tom does what he is told. Mel Baroni doesn’t even show Charlton on her resume, take a note Tom, and not one of these {…}.

Read it. What an earth does it say? It’s an embarrassment.

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