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EFL turn down Elliott and Farnell

You close your eyes for an afternoon, or in my case took a leisurely WiFi free lunch and all Charlton hell breaks loose. I’ll try to piece it together.

On the face of it there was only more concern for Addicks yesterday after the EFL failed ESI v2 as being qualified owners and directors. That in itself is quite an achievement. Three individuals were denied – Chris Farnell, Paul Elliott and Andrei Mihail, the brother of Marian.

At the same time Charlton fans burst into Chris Farnell’s company offices in Hale, Cheshire to confront the lawyer (photo), who happened to be sat with ex-manager Dave Jones. Rumours later circulated that Farnell was trying to replace Steve Gallen with Jones.

Jones was also involved at Bury.

The club’s website said it has appealed on behalf of two individuals, I suspect that is Farnell and Elliott. According to Rick Everitt there was a virtual meeting last night of what is loosely termed the senior management team. Sounds as if Roland Duchatelet’s side kick Lievan de Turck was involved. This after the EFL engaged Duchatelet in this mess.

The EFL also turned down Lee Bowyer and Steve Gallen’s approach to sign Conor Washington from Hearts and MK Dons’ midfielder Alex Gilbey. The latter had even passed a medical at Sparrows Lane.

What is apparent, as it always has been, is that Paul Elliott and Chris Farnell have no ownership or management of Charlton Athletic. They are squatters and crooks. ESI v1 a la Matt Southall and Nimer Tahnoon still own the club, if not The Valley and Sparrows Lane.

So, another stressful day for Charlton fans, but we are now on a journey that albeit treacherous that may eventually lead us to better days and vitally better and trustworthy owners. In the meantime Addicks will continue to turn up the heat on Elliott and Farnell until they are history.

Rick of course has a far better explanation here.

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  1. Bob Miller #

    Best case scenario is for funds to dry up, the club declares bankruptcy, the scum-bag interlopers all leave, Barclay/Varney purchase the insolvent club from the administrators for an attractive price and then go knock on Rollie’s door, write him a maximum fair market value cheque for The Valley and Sparrows Lane, Duchatelet takes a hike (thank God!), Varney jumps in, reorganizes, keeps Bowyer/Jackson/Gallen, signs some players, deals with a points deduction and starts the process to bring CAFC back to respectability. Given the Keystone Kops show that has been going on for the past many months, it may sound a bit of a fairy tail, but wouldn’t that be the cat’s backside? All we have left is hope!

    August 8, 2020
    • Bob,

      That is a scenario I have played out in my head many a time.

      August 8, 2020
  2. confidentialrick #

    But Bob as Charlton fans we know its the hope that kills! Lets just hope the EFL don’t cave in during the 14 day appeal process!

    August 8, 2020
    • Bob Miller #

      Rick, let’s hope the appeal fails! I suppose an appeal is part of the protocol, but if these guys don’t stack up, why wait another two weeks to confirm it? As well, time is of the essence and things have to move quickly, given the rapidly approaching start date of the new season. Much to do and little time to do it!

      August 8, 2020
  3. Simon Jones #

    I agree, administration is the only way to unravel this sh#t show and make way for real owners to take us out of the bloody twilight zone.

    August 8, 2020
    • Would not be the worst thing. I don’t think that suits RD though.

      August 9, 2020
  4. greg brown #

    If you go back about 4 weeks on these posts you will see that i suggested that the installation of the Varney/Barclay partnership as the club’s new owners,, would be the best and only solution to the sorry state that our great old club is in.
    The EFL have finally pulled their fingers out and banished what remains of ESI into oblivion (pending an appeal which they surely will not win).
    Let’s clear the way for Varney (a Charlton man through and through) and Barclay (a proper businessman with real finance behind him) to take the reigns and guide CAFC back to where it belongs and put this whole sorry farce behind us.
    Greg Brown…. Yorkshire Addick.

    August 9, 2020
    • Hi Greg,

      100% agree. It is just a process, with a lot of parties wanting this end result. But V&B want everything to be available to purchase and need a willing seller. I just hope the club doesn’t get driven off a cliff by Farnell and Elliott. Or the EFL force us out of the league.

      There’s a lot of screw turning and energy behind the scenes to remove F&E and get Nimer and RD to the table.

      August 9, 2020

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