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Injuries happen

Three on Saturday against Wycombe. Nothing too serious but we are going to be without Darren Pratley for 2-3 weeks, Nicky Ajose probably this weekend and Krystian Bielik for a fortnight.

Pratley and Ajose can be covered by Josh Cullen and Jamie Ward, Bielik is more disappointing. Injuries happen, and it’s why a competitive team needs a strong and able bench.

Bowyer talked last week as if when all the injuries come back we will have a full promotion busting squad. It just doesn’t work like that. We will pick up other injuries, just hopefully they are more like Bielik’s than Forster-Caskey’s.

Meanwhile both Charlton and Southend have been fined £5,000 by the FA for failing to control their players at the end of the recent match at Roots Hall. Lievan de Turck is currently attempting to see some training bibs on ebay to raise the money.

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