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Panto season in full swing

Panto season has begun, well it never really ended did it. Step forward dentist’s accountant to the stars Craig Freeman, the new owner of Lex Dominus acquired on Black Friday.

Friend of Farnell, friend of Elliott, another man with small willy syndrome, who owns a semi in Cardiff, is a director of a variety of shell companies, who can now add Lex Dominus to his collection of empty boxes, and has a LinkedIn page which looks like a five-year old wrote it.

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Paul Elliott has poked his head out of his hole claiming that he is the true owner of East Street Investments (ESI). Tahnoon Nimer has disappeared off the side of the planet as phantasm’s have a habit of doing and Elliott has emerged victorious of owning a company that owns nothing except some really negative Google searches.

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Paul Elliott writes a letter

Don’t rise to the bait of Paul Elliott’s open letter. It’s no better than a Dear Deirdre. No live interview, no paper interview with Rich Cawley just Elliott and Chris Farnell peddling their BS.

“Be in no doubt. Were it not for this investment, and excellent legal support under difficult circumstances, Charlton Athletic would have gone insolvent.”

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Emotional rollercoaster

The peaks and troughs of being a Charlton Athletic fan.

For the umpteenth time we were dragged from a glimpse of a clear blue sky atop a mountain to a muddy and uncertain ditch. All within 24 hours.

It’s hard to keep up with all the shenanigans of the ciphers trying to make a few bob for themselves, but in football parlance we celebrated a goal yesterday before the VAR had been checked, checked again and then triple checked.

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Lockyer gone, but does that make room for Matthews?

Luton Town, once our level, but our level now the same as Crewe Alexander and Accrington Stanley, have signed Tom Lockyer on a free.

Lockyer had a free transfer release clause in his contract if we were relegated. Sterling work again by the Duchatelet brain’s trust.

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Farnell terminated by the club

I was awake way before the alarm this morning feeling restless. I avoid looking at the phone because I know that is the day starting. But, first glance of the phone and I’m leaping out of bed.

Solicitor Chris Farnell was terminated by Charlton today as ESI v1 wrestle control of the club back from Chris Farnell and Paul Elliott aka ESI v2. Both Farnell and Andrei Mihail were removed as directors of ESI on Friday.

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EFL turn down Elliott and Farnell

You close your eyes for an afternoon, or in my case took a leisurely WiFi free lunch and all Charlton hell breaks loose. I’ll try to piece it together.

On the face of it there was only more concern for Addicks yesterday after the EFL failed ESI v2 as being qualified owners and directors. That in itself is quite an achievement. Three individuals were denied – Chris Farnell, Paul Elliott and Andrei Mihail, the brother of Marian.

At the same time Charlton fans burst into Chris Farnell’s company offices in Hale, Cheshire to confront the lawyer (photo), who happened to be sat with ex-manager Dave Jones. Rumours later circulated that Farnell was trying to replace Steve Gallen with Jones.

Jones was also involved at Bury.

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Overcoming Wednesday night is going to take me a while. Still not ready to talk about it. One of the Dad’s at the pool last night (my daughter was in a swim meet) got a few words out of me on the subject, he’s a staunch Villa fan, so has his own personal affliction, but this has been a harrowing few days.

Whilst this relegation was as unnecessary as the last one in 2016 at least that day thousands of Addicks could take to the pitch to express their anger. This time we were stuck at bloody home. Helpless. Hopeless. Powerless.

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Statement from non-owner

The non-owner owner is still having a bit of fun with access to the club’s website. He took the opportunity today to stand in the West Stand looking like he’s just stepped out of a 1980’s Janet Frazer catalogue and pen this ditty.

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Go away and leave us alone

The mocking of our great club continued late today when Matt Southall and odd bedfellow Jonathan Heller removed Chris Farnell, Claudiu Florica, Andrei Mihail, Marian Mihail and Tahnoon Nimer from the ESI board of directors.

Yesterday those two muppets changed the address of the company from Floyd Road to an address in Deansgate, Manchester.

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Morgan and Davison sign new contracts

Good news today as the club made a positive investment in the future by offering new contracts to Albie Morgan and Josh Davison.

Morgan and Davison, both 20, signed three and two years deals respectively. Davison has an option of a further year.

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Welcome Mr. Elliott

Excuse me Mr. Elliott for not getting too excited with your undoubted charm and sincerity. Thanks, but I’d rather keep my powder dry and if your face positively comes into my mind in a year’s time then you would have done good things.

But, it is deeds now and not words that Addicks are searching for, and I’m on a really bad run of broken promises and relationships so forgive me my restrain.

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Consortium led by Paul Elliott

Repeat. No, not that one. ⬅️

Consortium (kən-ˈsȯr-sh(ē-)əm) – an agreement, combination, or group (as of companies) formed to undertake an enterprise beyond the resources of any one member

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