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Overcoming Wednesday night is going to take me a while. Still not ready to talk about it. One of the Dad’s at the pool last night (my daughter was in a swim meet) got a few words out of me on the subject, he’s a staunch Villa fan, so has his own personal affliction, but this has been a harrowing few days.

Whilst this relegation was as unnecessary as the last one in 2016 at least that day thousands of Addicks could take to the pitch to express their anger. This time we were stuck at bloody home. Helpless. Hopeless. Powerless.

I’m angry. We should all be angry. How an earth did we get associated with the nobody stooge Paul Elliott and football club parasite Chris Farnell. Add in all the other blood suckers and then the old man that started this whole car crash all under the watchful eye of the English Football League.

Who sanctions Elliott and Farnell to act and speak on behalf of the club. Elliott was even at the games as Lee Bowyer’s team fought for their lives. Who is he, and why was he watching games when we could not?

The players will leave, Bow will leave, and I suspect his team, and Steve Gallen, who could be the biggest loss of all. Yet, whilst it is hard to conquer the apathy at this time, this remains our football club. Our children’s football club. And it is worth fighting for.

He has not always been everyone’s cup of tea, but Rick Everitt has come out all guns blazing these last couple of days rumbling the non-owners and attacking their intentions. Hell hath no fury like an Addick scorned. As broken as I am this week, I’m up for the fight too, and I would want Rick down there in the trenches with us, as well as very many other’s who bring a whole range of skill sets, intelligence and creativity.

What a couple of days eh. Devastated, grumpy, angry.

Somewhere in a mock Georgian end of terrace in Lancashire men in tight trousers and shiny shoes with fake Hermès wallets with just a credit card in it are shifting very uncomfortably.

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  1. Bangkokaddick #

    Couldn’t agree more CA.

    I’m still angry and despite what I’m doing, it comes into my mind a little too often. This shouldn’t be happening to a 63 year old who’s winessed several disappointments with regard to our club over the years.

    Reading Twitter, Charlton Life and even mainstream press brings it home to an even greater extent. I was reading a Twitter thread, which I think you may have made a cmment on, which effectively had a local fan moaning that those of us who dont go week in week out for whatever reason, including living abroad, cant be as emotionally affected as the season ticket holder. As yu well know, this isnt right. We would love to be there and in some ways I find it harder because we can’t be as involved as we’d like.

    Emotions are running high right now because of the events of Wednesday night but in reality, had survived, we’d still be in the same uncertain position off the field, we’d still most likely lose all our best players and would start life next season in the Championship with the odds stacked even more against us than the start of this one. But the chances of keeping LB would be higher.

    Don’t get me wrong; I hate the prospect of League One again. The Championship is a great league and this was demonstrated by the dramatic turnarounds at both ends of the table on Wednesday.

    From a still-pissed-off Bangkok Addick

    July 25, 2020
    • Hi Steve.

      Yes that thread was very surreal. Gave me a laugh though for the first time since Wednesday night. Of course I agree with your sentiments that emotional attachment is not diminished just by living in another country.

      You make a good point about how formidable The Championship would have been for us. But players such as Matthews and Lockyer probably would have stayed, possibly Bowyer, and the club would have had a better base to be sold…. although the Belgian twunk would still have wanted 60 mil.

      Still-pissed-off Chicago Addick

      July 26, 2020
  2. Bangkokaddick I also posted to Chicago addicks before
    Yes posted to you before and to Chicago addict
    Posted a huge one a moment ago and urge lol seems to have got lost. Main points very abbreviated
    Won’t post as much and not sure if post is seen or accepted,
    Eff off a lot of you crooks now and in the past and Farnell linked to Bury but not on the financial side???
    Congratulations to Luton and Barnsley, terrific runs and look where Luton was a few years ago
    Poppycock – local supporters more emotional
    I have been out in Kanchanaburi, Thailand since 2008 does not make me any less passionate or emotional than others.
    Not normally one to sing my praises and usually quite the opposite:-
    A very very proud Candidate of the magnificent Valley Party and worked as a volunteer groundsmen under the Late Great Character Sir Maurice Banham in the 1960s.
    Yes, we heading for Administration and it seems the only way to force the issue.
    fact The Rat still owns The Valley and Sparrows Lane and probably now wants 60 million for a club worth 10 BOB and he seems only to want to deal with ESI.
    In Administration, the admins will seek new buyers and the RAT will have to communicate with them but he is a vindictive old buggar and you totally humiliated me, so am going to ruin CAFC in return.
    Also just about everyone at SE7 to eff off including so-called in house media teams like Charlton live/ Pass teams, same individuals involved but it must be remembered that they condone live & vicious personal attacks live on matchday broadcast AND NOT ONE APOLOGY. Like the Owners, past and current crooks to, all eff off out of our club.
    CL/CP loves the limelight and hospitality and never pay to get in, anywhere and get free club merchandising.
    Lastly, there is hope and witness the rebirth of Bury (not sure complete name) competing in the non-league and after 16 long years, Barrow returning to the Football league.
    Also, Brighton who with Gritt there survived going into non-league on the last game of the season and getting a new ground.
    Us, proper and genuine supporters must have hope, like in real life also and wants the point if one simply gives up. It is in our blood.
    Finally, I want to wish all the genuine supporters and there are many all the best and hope we have more than 7 players and remember Blackpool a while back under Rigo with a week to go to a season.
    All the best
    John west
    26th July 2020

    July 26, 2020
    • All the best to you John. We all care. And I didn’t get your first post, but thanks for this one.

      July 26, 2020
  3. green #

    ive been in deep depression for days now and
    i cant shake it off
    the way i see it is elliiot has put his hand in his
    pocket to to try to help the club and himself as hes a businessman he wont do it for nothing
    The real villans are nimer etc who lied about
    funds and the players who refused to fight for
    the club .
    Too many lies and lack of moral fibre

    July 26, 2020
    • The real villains are the no-money wannabes Arab and Manc. But the trail of deceit and idiocy leads us back to Belgium I’m afraid.

      Not convinced Elliott himself has put his hands anywhere near his pocket, but we’ll see.

      July 26, 2020
  4. Michael West #

    Why have you got it in for Elliott;give him a chance before condemning .

    July 26, 2020
    • Probably harsh on Elliott. He is just a chancer who sees an opportunity to make a few quid. Hasn’t had much of a business career to this point, but I don’t want my club torn apart just to give him his much longed for penis extension.

      Action not words. I’ll be the first to eat my own words if his ‘stewardship’ yields success and stability.

      July 26, 2020
      • Yes, ChicagoAddick and Everyone
        Unfortunately, the club is very much torn apart and somehow still living and yes so many crooks who have never ever had the interest in the wellbeing of our club and as usual, the supporters hurting the most
        Hey look at the rise from the ashes for Bury, reforming and the return of Barrow to the league after 16 long years and just look at Luton and they were in non-league and got huge points deductions in 2 seasons 15to 20? and that was after winning a domestic trophy.
        Many others too and Brighton and recently Coventry.
        So we have to have hope in CAFC, somehow and it is in our blood and in the real world, also otherwise what is the point in carrying on!!!
        Saying this and heard someone stating exactly what many of us are thinking but it was mentioned yesterday and been thinking this for a while.
        Stating quite possibly (though I personally don’t think Sheff Wed will be deducted points just maybe and we all know how useless the EFL is.
        However, do see the negative side and apologise for bringing this up.
        Does everyone think that they are all in this together, including the original RAT but what I am now very much fearing is that the EFL will say right we have to give you so much time to provide proof of funds etc and we are expelling CAFC from the league?

        Farnell has had positions at Bury, Bolton and probably other clubs with Ownership concerns and one beginning to see the link and the ONE POUND to buy the club
        This is the reality of it and just deposit the 20 million to start in the bank and needs to be sorted this week and they have had months and months to do this
        Yes, in the worst-case scenario we must go into Administration and the Admins would then try and find appropriate buyers and even the Rat has to be involved but not at the probable asking price of now 60 million for a club with maybe 2 pounds.
        In reality as well and said this years ago, of course, he is one hell of a vindictive bastard and is deliberately killing our club, after the extreme embarrassment of the years of protest and ” I will teach you and get my revenge”
        Yes sitting and owning The Valley and Sparrows Lane which is worth a hefty amount and do not care if it has been said before The Valley must remain a Sports centre.
        Do we really believe this and I know the Council has stated this but prime land and in Administration the yellow-toothed scum will lose the lot!!!
        Other Owners write off the debts but not him and ffs he is a multimillionaire.
        Say no more
        To my fellow very genuine Charlton supporters I wish you all well and certainly not some of the media staff ie CL/CP who condone live & vicious personal attacks live on matchday commentary and not one apology but love the limelight and hospitality and never pay to get in countrywide and get provided FREE club merchandising as well

        Take care and somehow let’s hope we have a club or get resurrected somehow after expulsion from the Football League

        John West

        27th JULY 2020

        July 26, 2020
  5. alex #

    Be careful what you wish for.
    This has been said to me in my professional life many times. And generally comes true, if perhaps not seemingly so at the time.
    But the simple fact is had Roly still been at the helm we would still be in the Championship.

    Much as I despised him for his treatment of our club etc etc etc,
    And now administration may be the only way to force his hand.

    Be careful what you wish for

    July 26, 2020
    • Very true. Roland is a lot of things, but would have paid wages and at least kept out of LB and JJ’s hair.

      July 26, 2020
  6. laurie #

    seen 80% of the home games and probably 50% of the away ones too since 1945. we’ve been in turmoil a few times before. This fabulous club will survive. Remember even many non league clubs enjoy some good football. things will get better so hold your heads up and even if millwall are doing a bit better at this moment in time eventually every dog has his day.

    July 26, 2020
  7. Danny Speight #

    Seems like you are collecting pissed off Charlton supporters in Thailand, so here’s another one in Bangkok. We have suffered for far too long with bad owners, many of them just spivs. Maybe the supporters should be looking at something like the Hamburg FC model where Premiership football isn’t the main aim.

    July 28, 2020

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