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Charlton Athletic 0 West Bromwich Albion 1

No surprise unfortunately as we whimpered out of the cup again, but with obvious mitigating circumstances as an extraordinary young Addicks team that included a 16-year old lost to a far more experienced West Brom side.

Chris Brunt, Gareth Barry and Charlie Austin alone have played more than 1,600 games between them. Barry making his professional debut before seven of our lot were even born!

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Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton has been sweeping the theatre world and has become one of the biggest musical shows of all time, and I managed to get to see it last weekend in New York, where it sells out every night and ticket sales are said to average $600,000 a week. Perhaps the almost 100-year old Richard Rogers Theater could spash out a few bucks on an additional toilet, as the three story Broadway building only has one in the basement.

Never mind, that’s the nit-picking out of the way. I walked into the theatre, well queued for a fair bit, with no pre-determined judgements, in fact no real pre-determined ideas of what the hell Hamilton was about either.

One thing for sure was that I sure as hell didn’t realize that the whole show is done in song, which made it initially hard to follow, especially as the majority of the songs are in the form of hip-hop, rap and RnB. However, I started to work out the theme of the story being told, although my one regret was not giving myself a quick Wikipedia brush up on my American history beforehand.

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It was a night of reflection for U2 as well as the audience at Chicago’s United Center on Tuesday night. A crowd of young and old were given a familiar ceremonial big show, the obvious Bono preachings, plus of course a high tech stage production to go alongside a typical crash, bang, wallop two and half hour U2 concert.

But unlike last year’s trip down memory lane tour with the Joshua Tree anniversary, Tuesday night relied more on the recent Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience albums but was happily interrupted with some true U2 classics.

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Mavididi out for 8 weeks

That appears to be a guesstimate with Karl Robinson on Thursday saying that the loanee could make a quicker recovery, or possibly that his hamstring tendon could keep him out longer than 8 weeks.

It’s a big blow as again Mavididi has looked impressive since he re-arrived back in SE7 after leaving us injured last season. This time at least it looks as if he will be back for the season’s run in.

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Coldplay in Miami 

I may not have mentioned this before but I have two man crushes, and they have always vied for top spot, but after last night Chris Martin may have just pipped Johnnie Jackson after the Coldplay front man lit up the Miami Dolphins stadium into a technicolour frenzy.

We made it through a massive downpour and awful traffic to get to the out of town Hard Rock Stadium with 50,000 others who were each given wristbands which were wirelessly co-ordinated to flash throughout the show like halos of colour. To that there was the regular burst of fireworks, explosions of confetti and hundreds of large candy coloured rubber balloons that bounced over head in spells of rain that often left the whole arena in a mist of hues.

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We long had tickets for Adele’s first night in Miami and had worked the half-term break, which included our daughter’s 7th birthday today, around the Tottenham lasses 96th night of her tour (15 to go) as she reminded the 20,000 crowd last night at the Miami Heat’s American Airlines Arena.

Our night started rather chaotically as we were met with a huge and disgruntled crowd outside the arena. It wasn’t like this place wasn’t used to crowds, but apparently the ticket bar code readers were failing the surprisingly small group of staff holding up entry to the event. News of the late arrival of Hillary Clinton I am sure threw security and those still outside added angst.

When Adele came on an hour late, there were still many empty seats in the long sold out arena. Mine was empty too as I was queuing at the bar as I listened to ‘Hello’ from the concourse.
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Big Birthday – Piano Man

On Friday I passed a milestone in my life, which in all honesty, I haven’t yet got my head around. We were in Chicago, which made me happy, and a lunch at one of our favourite old haunts in the sun, was followed by an unknown sequence of surprises in the evening.

The secretive-other-half had given me some hints, which turned up a blank, but she was in a real hurry for us to get out of the hotel at 5pm and into a cab south of the city.
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2015 Top Five Favourite Albums

The last of my 2015 Top Fives and I will end on a musical note with my 2015 Top Five Favourite Albums. I have probably missed a few good ones, and I am always looking for recommendations but from those that I downloaded and admired these were the ones I kept going back to:
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Show time

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I will let you in on a couple of snippets from our trip last week.

Last Tuesday night we saw Elton John at the Caesars Palace Colosseum. We were joined by OAP’s, couples, queen’s, teenagers, uncles out with their nieces and more OAP’s and Elton was in his element in his Las Vegas residency, just extended into next year. His sense of humour shone as bright as his sparkly pink coloured jacket as he rattled through 120 minutes of what must be hundreds of songs from his play list.
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Ed Sheeran

He’s talented boy the 24-year old from Suffolk. Ed Sheeran lit up the stage last night in Washington DC with an energetic high tech one man band show. His 2-hour set delivered the whole range of his songs using a whole mix of styles. 

We were in a box exactly opposite the stage at the Verizon Center, a hockey and basketball stadium by day. Sheeran was surrounded by large screens showing an impressive light and image show and the young audience mixed with the odd parent were enthralled.
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2014 Top 5 Favourite Albums

Next up in my 2014 Top Five’s is Albums.

I thought 2014 was a fine year for music, and I unearthed a fair few new bands thanks to either recommendations or pure luck and there were some impressive returns from a few of my favourites.

It was tough finalising My 2014 Top 5 Favourite Albums and thus I have named a couple of Honourable Mentions, but this is it:
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2013 Top 5 Favourite Albums

Music is next up on Chicago Addick’s 2013 Top 5’s. I have been a regular buyer of albums since my early teenage years and 2013 was no different.

There were a number of good listens, but after some consideration, here are my Top 5 Favourite Albums:
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Give peace a chance

A god-awful start to the weekend fortunately turned into a very good one. We spent the whole day yesterday with an old mate who is here this week with his work and on Saturday night we were lucky enough to get invited to the Lennon Peace Day Concert.

Little known, but John Lennon wrote his last ever album in Bermuda in 1980. After his son Sean was born, Lennon performed and wrote hardly any music as he concentrated on his family life in New York. Then in the summer of 1980, after being pretty much closeted in his Manhattan apartment for 5 years, Lennon felt the need for adventure and bought a small sail boat and with a crew sailed from the Newport, Rhode Island to Bermuda.

There is a wonderful article written here explaining that journey and how bad the crossing was, reinvigorating Lennon’s wonderful creativity and inspiring him to write the album “Double Fantasy”, named after a freesia of the same name, a flower that Lennon had observed in his daily visits with Sean to the Botanical Gardens in Bermuda.
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2012 Top 5 Favourite Albums

Annual Chicago Addick Top Five time, and I’ll start with my 5 Favourite Albums of the Year. I’ve downloaded to a whole range of albums this year, many exceptional listening and my short-list had plenty more than 5 on it. They were tough put in any order, but here it goes:
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2011 Top 5 Albums

Strangely enough I’ve never gotten into Bermudian music, so my iPod is never far away wherever I am. I seek my recommendations from a lot of places so please feel free. It wasn’t a great year for bands’ albums in my mind, but these were my top five:

1. Smother by Wild Beasts
I hadn’t listened to their earlier stuff before I got a heads up on this album and I’m glad I did. This is a smoldering, slinky analogue of tunes and it takes the crown as my favourite from last year.
Favourite track – Loop the Loop
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