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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I will let you in on a couple of snippets from our trip last week.

Last Tuesday night we saw Elton John at the Caesars Palace Colosseum. We were joined by OAP’s, couples, queen’s, teenagers, uncles out with their nieces and more OAP’s and Elton was in his element in his Las Vegas residency, just extended into next year. His sense of humour shone as bright as his sparkly pink coloured jacket as he rattled through 120 minutes of what must be hundreds of songs from his play list.

Tickets weren’t cheap. The other half paid so it was rude to ask but she did tell me that the price of tickets for the section closest to the stage was $800. For that we later found out, they were allowed to get up on stage and crowd around ‘the million dollar piano’ for the penultimate song, Crocodile Rock. It meant we couldn’t see him, but good luck to them especially as dancing in the aisle and even at your seat was frowned upon by over officious stewards. 

The show was a little bit Americaned-up I thought but Elton sung in perfection the whole night and was on stage with his long time band including percussionist Ray Cooper, who when he was given the solo spotlight got one of the biggest applause of the night. 

The other star of the show was Elton’s million dollar piano. “It cost a lot more than a million dollars” he told us, and the piano took 4 years to build and was tricked out with 68 video screens that mirrored images from the set to match each song.

68-year old Elton was up and down from his grand piano the whole night banging numbers out including Your Song, Rocket Man, I’m Still Standing, I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road before ending with Circle of Life and for someone who had long admired him, but had not worried myself about seeing him live, I am glad I did.

On Wednesday the three of us went to see the Cirque du Soleil show O at the Bellagio. We had great seats near the front but just far enough away from us getting wet as the stage included a huge 1.5million gallon water pool which was central to the show

I had little idea of a story, but it was a breathtaking show with so much going on that you could watch it five times and still see something you missed. There were clowns, acrobats, divers of Olympic gold medal quality, synchronized swimmers, dancers, singers, musicians, trapeze artists. It was dreamy, fantastical but it had me every inch of the way. I have seen a few Cirque du Soleil shows and have been known to doze off in one. I came out of this show hypnotized, no asleep.  

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  1. steve1957 #

    I’m going to Vegas in three weeks time. And where will Elton John be? Bloody Bangkok! Typical!


    November 1, 2015
    • Sorry shouldn’t laugh Steve but that is funny! What are your plans in LV?

      November 1, 2015
  2. Nigel Reddick #

    Must admit that me laugh too Gents!

    I would have thought that after a year of doing regular shows at the same venue Elton would get a bit jaded, but it doesn’t sound like it.

    “Saturday night’s alright for fighting” always reminds of Charlton in the 70s.

    Off to see mod revival band “Secret Affair” in a couple of weeks at the Brooklyn Bowl – somewhere in the O2 apparently. Seen them at the 100 Club and Islington over the past couple of years, and it brought back some good memories. But they have a surprisingly good new album out. And yes, the Fred Perry, ‘arrington, drainpipes and loafers are getting an outing too…

    Pembury Addick

    November 2, 2015
    • Secret Affair. Now you’re talking PA. I will have to look at their album.

      November 2, 2015

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