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The fight to save our club

Maybe I’ve been locked up indoors too long, but I think the first person I may hug after all this is over is Simon Jordan.

In event times the ex-Palace owner and chairman has stood up for Charlton and it’s supporters more than Richard Murray has done for years. The world has changed, a lot, but who would have thought that in 2006?

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Simon Jordan talking sense again

Blimey, we used to hate this bloke with a passion. I for one apologize for my nativity to how much he understands the business of football, and cares about how football clubs are run. To be fair he also knew how to make money.

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Another wow moment

As sure as night follows day, you prod the old yellow-teethed loon and sure enough he reacts. On Tuesday after his property was daubed with graffiti he called into TalkSport and after getting put back in his box by Simon Jordan, he yesterday reverted back to his favourite tool of one-way communication and wrote another mind-boggling statement himself on the club’s website.

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Well, well. Thank you Simon Jordan

Whoever it was that sprayed naughties on the wall of Roland Duchatelet’s property in Stayen, Belgium rattled the old codger. Not for the first time Roland reacted instantly and called into Jim White’s TalkSport programme yesterday and once again came across as a complete buffoon. I will repeat myself for the thousandth time. How this idiot made any money from business is a complete mystery.

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